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Feel confident inside and out with 300+ scientifically-backed workouts designed by a mom, made for moms.


We have many stages in our lives especially as moms. You need workouts that are flexible and change as you evolve. Moms Into Fitness focuses on pregnancy, postnatal, Diastasis Recti, running, abs (core), and total body cardio and toning. We do this in as little as 20 minutes, 3-4 days a week. No planning or experience necessary. Just show up!


You’re pregnant, you’re used to working out, you’re nervous about combining the two. I understand and am here to tell you there is a safe and effective way to be both pregnant and fit.

Your body is smart, it bears a child and adapts the second you’re pregnant in miraculous ways, so listen to it! Do only what you’re comfortable doing. There is no one-size-fits-all exercise for pregnant women. If you were active before pregnancy, keep it up! You should be able to sustain the same amount of exercise with some modifications. If you were inactive, don’t suddenly start an aggressive exercise routine, adapt slowly starting with 10 minutes.

Don’t know where to begin, start with us today. We’ve got you covered!


Once you’re postnatal, you’re always postnatal. That means, these workouts are for those that just had a baby and their doctors have given them the thumbs up or if you’re an empty-nester. We are consistently focusing on the health of our core (abs) and giving it close attention.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) states in absence of medical or surgical complications, resuming activity has not been found to result in adverse effects. It doesn’t matter how you delivered, we have something for everyone. We do pay close attention to c-sections. How to properly recover, treating scar tissue, resuming exercise and more. We also tackle pelvic floor health and abdominal separations also known as Diastasis Recti.


Want in on a little secret … running alone isn’t the silver bullet to losing weight. Running needs to be combined with cross training and proper nutrition to be an effective weight loss method.

We give you guidance on running during pregnancy, how to prevent common running injuries, running and your pelvic floor or Diastsis Recti, and a great runner’s diet.


The distended belly, muffin top, baby pooch, mummy tummy – whatever you want to call it, it can be eliminated! This area can be stubborn if we don’t treat it correctly. A problematic core can be the result of bad posture, muscle imbalances and/or an under recruited transverse abdominis (TA).

We really dive into targeting lower abs, Diastasis Recti, and the TA. Because the TA is known as the corset muscles, is it the one we want to hit the most to get back to our pre-baby tummies. We do this through non-traditional training with functional movements. We’re all about the TA here and you will be too once you see the results.


Universally, women have weaker glutes. This contributes to hip, knee, and lower back pain as well as poor core musculature. We address all this by targeting the gluteus maximus, minimus, and medius. The minimus and medius are smaller muscles which make them harder to target but we get it done.

Squats and lunges don’t fully engage the smaller muscles in your glutes but they’re great to work all the muscles in your legs. Our legs needs some love! We’re on them all day long, so a set of strong ones ensures we are pain free at the end of the day. We offer unique exercises that range from low impact to advanced toning.


We want toned arms without adding bulk, this doesn’t mean we don’t use weights. If you want to strengthen your arms, be able to pick up those kiddos, and look great in a tank top, you must incorporate a variety of exercises with both light and heavier weights.

We show you how to achieve great arms and strong shoulders using a mix of movements, not just push ups. We use compound exercises such as a side plank lifts or lat pull downs that are accomplishing a lot with many muscles groups in a short amount of time.


We have the mom’s guide to Diastasis Recti! Many moms experience postpartum body changes. One of these is an incredibly common condition called diastasis recti, which affects up to 45% of women six months postpartum.

Diastasis recti abdominis is the separation of your abdominal muscles; it commonly occurs during pregnancy to make room for your growing baby, but it can cause issues after birth as well.

Try ab-safe core moves. Traditional core moves like planks and crunches won’t work. Instead, you need to strengthen the deep abdominal muscles, with some ab-safe exercises. These include transverse abdominis exercises, side-lying bracing, bent knee fallouts, modified positioning, hip hikes, rolling bridge, clam shells and much more.

As a busy working mom of three I never made time for myself and put on a lot of weight. When I found MIF I figured I could give it a try. The programs are short and sweet … and they work! I found that as I dedicated less than 30 min a day to myself I was able to be a much better mom and wife. More than anything I have learned that I am important too.


I have delivered 5 children in 6 years. I didn’t realize I had a DR after my first baby. It wasn’t until after my 3rd that I became educated on it. By that point, I thought it was over… I decided to do all of your diastasis recti workouts. I went to my pelvic floor therapist today and she was floored. She couldn’t believe my abs were as strong as they were. She told me my abs were stronger than normal people’s abs that haven’t had a baby. I had a DR for 7 years! And your exercises totally strengthened those babies.

~Amy S

I just ran the Insane Inflatable 5k this morning! It was a blast! Having run multiple other races…your Ignite Your Inner Athlete program with running was the PERFECT training for a fun race like this.

~Laura M