Congratulations — you’ve had a baby, or six! Maybe your first was born several years ago, or maybe it was more recently. After all systems return to “normal” following pregnancy, you’ve discovered that you are left with loose skin, slack muscles and, sometimes, cellulite residing in places it’s never been before.

And, whether it’s been 8 years or 8 weeks, the good news is, you can tighten up the loose skin, tone up your muscles and reduce the cellulite. But, before you dive in, I want you to know that, while it is important to concentrate on key core exercises, it’s also equally important to use them in addition to a well-rounded fitness program. We can’t lose weight and trim our thighs simply by crunching…we have to exercise our entire bodies.

Transform your tummy with these non-traditional core moves. We also touch on c-sections, your pelvic floor, running, diastasis recti, and more. Enter your email above to receive the complete guide, for free!

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