Ab Rehab Guide: For Moms by Moms

Congratulations—you’ve had a baby, or six! Maybe your first was born several years ago, or maybe it was more recently. After all systems return to “normal” following pregnancy, you’ve discovered that you are left with a body that doesn’t feel like your own.

And, whether it’s been 8 years or 8 weeks, the good news is, you can tighten up the loose skin, tone up your muscles, and reduce the cellulite. But, before you dive in, I want you to know that, while it is important to concentrate on key core exercises, it’s also equally important to use them in addition to a well-rounded fitness program. We can’t lose weight and trim our thighs simply by crunching—we have to exercise our entire bodies.

Transform your tummy with these non-traditional core moves. We also touch on c-sections, your pelvic floor, running, diastasis recti, and more.