Core Restore Guide

Create a Healthy Core

Whether it’s been 8 years or 8 weeks since you had a baby, the good news is you can create a strong functional core that can support you in all of life’s activities!

Lindsay Brin, founder of Moms Into Fitness, and Megan Hoover, physical therapist, teamed up to bring you the latest research, physical therapy techniques, and effective exercises in this non-traditional core rehab guide that will transform your tummy.


  • Get to know your core’s corset muscle (transverse abs)
  • 5 exercises for transverse abs activation
  • Understanding the function of your pelvic floor
  • What is diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and what to do about it
  • Common musculoskeletal issues postpartum
  • Exercise after C-section
  • And MORE!

Download the Core Restore Guide

Join the thousands of moms who have changed their bodies and regained confidence by learning how to properly cue and use their innermost core muscles.