About Lindsay Brin

The Basics: I am 5’11/2″, 105 lbs when I am not pregnant., look like a teenager, turning 34 this year, live in St. Louis, grew up near Chicago, love Jayhawks basketball, got married to my wonderful husband in 2004, love to shop with my mom, use pictures as art in my home, enjoy going to Rams football games, love green bean casserole, love contemporary furnishings, enjoy organizing & re-organizing, love shopping, prefer salt over sweet, feel 100x better when I put on some mascara and brush my teeth, gained 35 lbs.freshman year of college , wear super-flare jeans instead of skinny, studied in London, still a daddy’s girl, just finished writing 2 books, enjoy “fat” Sundays, am still in love with Joey from NKOTB, love normal food (in moderation of course!) , hated chicken while I was pregnant, want 5 kids, and most of all I want to make others happy. The way to be happy is to make others happy.

I’ve always believed you should never burn bridges and if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all. I would love for my kids to grow up in a family just like mine. My parents and my faith taught me many, many valuable lessons. A lot of them I am still learning (I need to learn to stick up for myself!) Striving to be a mom like my own mother has led me to who I am today. I believe we should all have compassion towards others and I hope that comes full circle with my kids, Taylor, Rylan & Harper.

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