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Finding the Moms Into Fitness programs completely changed how I approached fitness. It made exercising several days a week somehow seem manageable, even in the midst of working and parenting 2 little ones. It has helped me to be healthier, less critical of myself, and try to be a good fitness role model for my kids including doing two family 5K races this summer.


Sarah G

Thank you so much for the postpartum series! It’s taught me that consistency pays off. Images: before postpartum phase 1, after postpartum phase 1, afterRead More


So thankful to have found Lindsay Brin and her workouts. In Oct of 2017 I had a beautiful baby girl (my 3rd child). It wasRead More


I find myself scrolling through memory lane and just yesterday I realized that I have lost 85 . . . yes that’s right, 85 poundsRead More


YOU have lifted me up! I started working out with you using your Postpartum DVDs I found on Amazon when my son was first born.Read More


Just wanted to share my results with you so far on my fitness journey after Baby #4! This is me four weeks postpartum when IRead More


I’m so excited to share my Summer Shape Up results with you.  This was a great program!  I really enjoyed it.  Looking at my beforeRead More


After giving birth to my first I was so uncomfortable in my skin that I started to research online for the best workouts that focusedRead More


I enjoyed Postnatal Slimdown so much that once I was finished I needed to find something new to get my daily dose of Lindsey! TheseRead More


I just wanted to say thank you for your positive attitude and encouragement throughout your videos. You are realistic and encouraging and you always makeRead More


I am a 32 year old mother of 2. I’m a full time elementary music teacher, business owner and have struggled with weight my wholeRead More

Laura M

I just ran the Insane Inflatable 5k this morning! It was a blast! Having run multiple other races…the Ignite in combo with running was theRead More

Gina A

I had a very hard time with my weight after having my second baby. I found out I was pregnant just 9 months after havingRead More

Anita T.

As you’ll see below, I was so tired and unwell I didn’t even want my whole face in a photo:(  Now I just had theRead More

Amy S

I have delivered 5 children in 6 years. I didn’t realize I had a DR after my first baby. It wasn’t until after my 3rdRead More


On my last day as a prego mama, I weighed 173lbs!! (I’m 5’4″ and my frame is petite) I was making sure that little girlRead More


I discovered Lindsay’s Bootcamp 2 and CFS Method after delivering my twins. After getting hooked, I moved on to her Pretty Fierce programs. Thanks toRead More


I found Lindsay Brin’s pregnancy DVD’s when I was pregnant with baby #1. I fell in love with her workouts! I love that she isRead More


So thrilled I discovered Lindsay Brin after Googling “losing baby weight after c-section”. Lindsay’s Postnatal Boot Camp 1 & 2 helped me lose the 90Read More


Finding the Pretty Fierce programs completely changed how I approached fitness. Lindsay Brin made exercising several days a week somehow seem manageable, even in theRead More


I am the mom of four boys ranging from 16 down to 2 in age. I discovered your Pregnancy and Postnatal Boot Camp in 2003Read More


I finished my first half marathon last Saturday Woo-Hoo! I credit your Pretty Fierce Weight Loss calendar (the calendar option with running) for helping meRead More


As a busy working mom of three I never made time for myself and put on a lot of weight. When I found moms intoRead More


Lindsay Brin helped me get into the best shape ever at 35 after my first 3 kids! After multiple rounds of the Pretty Fierce programs,Read More


I am a stay at home mom of 3 little ones. Two girls that are 5 and 3 and a little boy that is 10Read More

Jessica B

After having my 2 boys the Pretty Fierce programs helped me lose 100 lbs and Lindsay’s workouts gave me confidence to take up running. IRead More


I discovered Lindsay Brin after baby #1. I had been an on and off runner and gym exerciser, but her 60 Day Slimdown got meRead More


Pretty Fierce Lean Out was the first program I ever followed to the end. It changed my body in ways nothing else ever had andRead More


Lindsay has pushed my fitness level exponentially: I’ve lost lbs, inches, and sizes, but more importantly I’ve gained endurance, flexibility, strength, and confidence. Fitness isRead More


I have loved Lindsay Brin since I used her videos after my babies, but the Pretty Fierce programs took it to a new level. NowRead More


When I started Pretty Fierce Weight Loss I remember Lindsay challenging me to work out for 3 weeks straight. I thought, “No way. Not possible.”Read More


I want to have a picture of my boys and I doing push ups together. If it weren’t for Lindsay Brin I might still beRead More


I discovered Lindsay Brin with Bootcamp 2 which I did after baby #1 and again after baby #2. I had never been a regular exerciserRead More


Before Postnatal Slimdown, I had never been a regular exerciser. Following that program gave me the discipline and results I needed to make fitness aRead More


I didn’t find LB until 4 years after my youngest of 4 children was born. I had exercised for years but without a lot ofRead More


I first discovered Lindsay Brin when I was pregnant with my baby #1 and followed her prenatal workouts throughout my 3 pregnancies. Being an activeRead More


I started Postnatal Bootcamp after baby #3 and really lost the rest with Pretty Fierce Lean Out. I constantly remember “progress, not perfect” and amRead More


I’ve always been a runner and into working out, but it wasn’t until after having my first baby that I found Lindsay Brin and canRead More


I gave birth to my fourth child and I failed to monitor my eating after baby and indulged a lot. The drop in my self-esteemRead More


I started my journey with Moms Into Fitness at 7 months postpartum. I had a “lightbulb” moment after seeing a picture of myself and decidedRead More


I have had issues with chronic pelvic and back pain for the past 5 years (starting when I was pregnant with my first baby inRead More


I started working at an architecture firm and basically sat at a desk up to 50+ hours per week. I would get home late almostRead More


I committed to your 60 Day Weight Loss program, and was thrilled with the results! Now I am using the half marathon schedule that comesRead More

Jenifer K

I was just getting into working out. I knew I had a diastasis but didn’t know how to repair it. I only knew how notRead More


I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for all you do to help us moms out. I find your posts and videosRead More


I “met” Lindsay after I had my 2nd baby.  My dad had a radio show and after listening to Lindsay for just a few minutesRead More


We are proud of ourselves as we did our 30 Day regimen of closely following Lindsay 5 mornings a week consistently, a little weight trainingRead More


I’m a mom to a 6-year old daughter and 2-year old son.  I used to be in pretty good shape.  I ran cross country andRead More


I wanted to share my results and give you a big thank you for jump starting my body back to fitness and regaining my confidence!Read More


I wasn’t sure I would be able to get my body back after having my son. Thank you for showing me that it is possible!Read More


I never really strengthened or conditioned some of the areas of the body affected by a pregnancy. After nineteen years of bearing children, I didRead More


I discovered Lindsay Brin with her Postnatal Bootcamp 2 which I did after baby #1 and again after baby #2. I had never been aRead More


I went to Hawaii on family vacation in the best shape of my life. At that time it was just my husband and me. AboutRead More


We were going to do a family photo shoot with a professional photographer and  I knew that I would have to buckle down to getRead More


I found Lindsay Brin on Pinterest, read her blogs and took a chance and ordered both Pretty Fierce programs. Lindsay Brin’s programs helped me goRead More


I was really being consistent about my program and finally felt good enough to be at the gym (I know, I worked out to goRead More


I completed multiple Lindsay Brin programs after baby #2 and got down to pre-baby #1 weight. Following Pretty Fierce Lean Out, I weigh less thanRead More


Before getting Lindsay Brin’s postnatal DVDs I had never done a fitness video or exercise class (outside of dreading gym class as a kid). TheRead More


I can heal my abs without surgery. They are about half way back to normal and I am sure they will be back by summerRead More


I really enjoy the workouts! I love having a schedule and actually don’t mind getting up before work to get my workout in — mostRead More

Pretty Fierce Mamas

Lindsay has inspired a group of women who have been fans of her Moms Into Fitness workout DVDs in particular the Pretty Fierce 60-day workoutRead More


I gained 75 pounds during my first pregnancy and then had an unexpected c-section. Afterwards, I did a lot of research and your programs wereRead More


I’ve came a long way! You have been one of the biggest reasons I have wanted to take better care of myself after having allRead More


After I was diagnosed with breast cancer my doctors weren’t sure if it was safe for me to attempt another pregnancy. But after a fewRead More


Lindsay, you changed my life. I completed both Pretty Fierce programs then got pregnant with #2. I faithfully did your prenatal workouts until the dayRead More


I found Lindsay Brin on Pinterest, read her blogs and took a chance and ordered both Pretty Fierce programs. Lindsay Brin’s programs helped me goRead More


I did your prenatal workouts through my 3rd pregnancy, and have been doing your Postnatal SlimDown program for 4 weeks. I am 9 weeks post-babyRead More


I am a mom to 3 little boys that keep me very busy! I discovered Moms Into Fitness on YouTube and was hooked. I recentlyRead More


I followed your Postnatal SlimDown program to get back my body after having my 1st baby.  I followed the calendar inside your app so myRead More


It’s been 7 months since having my baby and I’m feeling stronger than ever. I’ve continued to lose inches in my measurements and I feelRead More


A friend of mine from college was raving about your Weight Loss set. I saw her photos, and said, what the heck, I will tryRead More


I am from Brisbane, Australia and joined Moms Into Fitness in the fall of 2016. I used the 30 Day Core program to decrease bodyRead More


Before doing Pretty Fierce Lean Out, I would never have thought I would become a runner. However, the fitness test inspired me to try toRead More