You lifted me up

Summer of 2018 was the summer I envisioned before becoming a mom. Previous summers were full of emails during downtime, working at night, and really none of the relaxing parts – well my kids felt relaxed, but it was anything but that for me. Why do we do that?

You came to my rescue. Your sweet stories, your pictures of running your first 5k, conquering your fears, empowering yourself or finally finding that sweet spot. You lifted me up. You made me realize how much I love this community.

You see it all started with a goal to be like my mom and Denise Austin. I was told no 34 times by Target (all it took was that last yes!) Distributors kept telling me that only a DVD cover mattered.

But I knew it was the connection that mattered. Staying true to myself and connecting with each of you, nurturing ourselves along this amazing journey of motherhood. It took lots of listening to what you wanted as I read every single comment on Instagram. It took lots of conversation with my sweet friend Jen. And here it is…

— I want to help you nurture yourself and build confidence through fitness, recipes and community —

It took me 12 years to get to my core purpose! You helped me. You lifted ME up when summer got tough. There’s so much joy in knowing what Moms Into Fitness is and who it’s meant to serve.

I’m here to serve you. In fact, I think all of us should serve each other with things that make us stronger and more confident. This connection is what makes the Moms Into Fitness community.

I’d love for you to say hi! Click on one of these videos from my most recent filming – 30 Days of You (more details to come!)

It all starts in my kitchen – moves to my basement studio – them moves to your garage/living room/basement. Can’t wait to see you everyday in October!


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