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Are you tired of those clothes that don’t fit?

Or still wearing the maternity pants from baby #2?
Is the picture in your head of what you want
to look like different than right now?

It takes a commitment. It takes nutritional changes (you CANNOT out-exercise a bad diet). It takes 2% of your day. It takes YOU putting YOU first. Don’t you agree that when mom is happy/energized the whole family follows suit?

You google mom workouts and 9 million sites come up. How are we supposed to know what’s right? No gimmicks, no fads here, no strict rules you cannot adhere to.

A pure hybrid of the latest and greatest exercise methods. We use combination of HIIT, Tabata, Shredding, Flexibility and large/small muscle split training. So does doing harder, more efficient workouts mean a beginner cannot do this program? Heck no! It’s a progressive program, yes you will be out of breathe with Cardio Plyometrics, but it’s broken into 3 stacks so you can do what you can.

Why are these workouts going to work?

  • Burns 4x the calories as standard treadmill
  • Have fun with strength workouts that boost your metabolism.
  • Convenient – At Home – All you need is a set of weights.
  • 2% of your day, the workouts range 24-42 minutes.

Read about moms just like you.

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I am here to tell you your fitness goal is attainable.

Take Jessica B for instance. Her goal was to lose the baby weight, then she amazed herself and filled what she thought was a lofty dream - she now runs marathons. Fitness became a part of their lives and they are living out motherhood as they had always pictured (well minus the snot ridden clothes and child tantrums).

How did you envision motherhood? Zapped with energy? Or playing with the kids, doing mom/tot swim classes and going for a walk in the park.

You need a program that adapts to your busy schedule and your body. Your brain is it max capacity, your time is valuable. You already do so many jobs as mom, so I encourage you to take the ‘thinking” out of this piece. If somebody told you just do A and B and you will get the body you have always wanted, would you do it? Well here it is.

The 60 Day Weight Loss Program
includes 8 workouts:

5 Progressive Core Workouts

Each designed to exercise your abdominals in a different way (includes modifications for diastasis recti).

Core A: 10 min & Core B: 7 min
Core C: 6 min & Core D: 7 min
Core E: 11 min

You don’t build a foundation on sticks right? So we take care of your inner (your TA and PF) the muscles affected by pregnancy.

Muscle Splits Upper Body

For lean, fat burning muscle and maximum calorie burn.
Chest/Back/Shoulders: 18 min
Warmup: 4 min
Bis/Tris: 12 min

Muscle Splits Lower Body

For lean, fat burning muscle and maximum calorie burn.
Glutes/Outer/Inner Thighs: 22 min
Quads/Hams: 15 min

Tabata Training

For increased cardio endurance. Great for conditioned and un-conditioned moms.
28 Minutes

Cardio Plyomterics

For increased fitness levels.
30 Minutes


So your body learns to burn fat in full intensity mode as well as recovery periods.
24 Minutes


A maximum workout in about 30 minutes.
34 Minutes

Yoga & Yoga Hybrid

For long, lean muscles.
13 Minutes & 15 Minutes

Also includes:

  • Calendar that tells you what to do. You have 120 given tasks in one day, I do not expect you to decide how to sequence your workouts.
  • Hybrid Running Calendar for a 10k and half marathon (for post 60 days!)
  • Flex schedule (includes outdoor workouts)
  • 2 week meal plan – meals for the whole family. Also includes Breastfeeding Nutrition.
  • Never Diet again – 2 videos, 12 tips, never diet again! Why? You cannot out-exercise a bad diet. So learn how to add lifestyle tricks like drinking a glass of water before and one during a meal. Eat your veggies first, do not overeat protein.

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