Full Body Workout

You’re happy with your body (or at least you should be), but maybe you just wish you could become a bit slimmer, or more defined. However, the endless number of total body workouts available is more than enough to make your head spin. Even if you know the basics, do you know what the best exercises are for a whole body workout?

Generally, a good candidate for being called the best is an easy-to-learn exercise that gives you strength, tones muscles, targets multiple muscle groups and meets your goals. Something that doesn’t require expensive equipment earns even more credits. So, here are the best options for any woman looking for an effective but simple all body workout, no equipment needed!

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These exercises are safe for pregnancy.  Please read all the pregnancy do’s and don’ts before starting any exercise program!

Note: a full body workout is not complete without a warmup, cool down and stretching session.

Why warmup?

This causes a gradual increase in circulation, blood flow, and muscle temperature.  Have you ever been 3 minutes into a workout and wonder how you are ever going to finish?  I have done it so many times…I start running and wonder how I will ever run more than 5 minutes.  Well a warmup will help that!  A proper warmup prepares your body for the work.  So do yourself a favor – warm your body by moving for 3-5 minutes, then start the work.

Why stretch?

The end stage of a workout allows your body and heart rate to return to normal.  YOu can cool down by walking for 2-3 minutes.  Follow this with a stretch and your body will thank you!  Stretching helps ailments as well as creating long, pliable muscles!

The 8-Exercise Workout

We are going to begin with the TA breath. The Transverse Abdominis  is the innermost core muscle responsible for keeping your belly from dragging to your toes during pregnancy, it is often undercued. And it is extremely important that you know how to activate the TA during exercise.

For all of the following exercises – Repetitions: 1 set of 15 for beginners; 2 sets of 15 for veterans

Exercise 1 – TA Breath

– Take a deep breathe.

Now place your hand on your belly button.

Take a deep inhale while letting your belly button and lower rib cage expand. Don’t let the shoulders rise (as they probably did in your first breath).

As you exhale pull your belly button towards your spine. That is action of the deep core muscle – the TA – as you exhale, it is working. If you truly engaged the TA, your hips did not tilt, and the only movement came from the belly. As you pull your belly button towards your spine – the curve in your spine might decrease. This is fine as long as your hips did not tilt.

Perform this TA breath for 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off, or 5-10 repetitions.


Exercise 2 – Bicycle Modified


Start in a supine position, lifting your head and shoulders off the ground.


As you engage your transverse abdominis, pull one knee into your chest. Breathe and switch.


Exercise 3 – Reverse Plank


Place your hands and feet on the ground. Then lift your buttocks off the ground. Hold this position while breathing continuously. Place your feet and hands in the most comfortable position (they can be turned our or turned in).


Exercise 4 – Pecker Pushup


Start in a quadruped (all fours) position. Bend your elbows as if you were performing a pushup, but keep your tailbone in the air as you touch your noes between your hands.


Push out of the pecker pushup. As you do so, contract your transverse abdominis by pulling your belly button towards your spine (if you are pregnant a good cue is to let your belly muscles hug your baby).


Exercise 5 – Triceps Dip


From a seated position, place your hand 6-12 inches behind your buttocks, fingertips turned outwards. Squeeze your upper back muscles. You have the option to lift your buttocks.


Bend your elbows, aiming for a 90 degree angle. Then straighten your elbows.


Exercise 6 – Curtsey Squat


Stand with your feet wider than shoulder width. Step one foot behind you at a 45 degree angle – bending both knees. Do not let your front knee bend beyond your toes. If you are using weights, let the weights hang by your sides.


Exercise 7 – Glute Pushup


From a seated or lying position, place your feet further than shoulder width in distance.


Lift your buttocks into the air, squeeze.


Exercise 8 – One Leg Squat


Start with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend both knees while keeping your chest lifted and your knees behind your toes.


As you stand out of the squat, bring one knee up to hip height.


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