Lower Ab Workouts

The distended belly, muffin top, baby pooch, mummy tummy…whatever you want to call it…can be eliminated!  A lot of time this area is stubborn because we don’t exercise or we don’t do the proper exercises.  A lower belly pooch can be the culprit of bad posture, muscle imbalances or an under recruited transverse abs.

It’s  time for me to be Honest Abe about your core. As a mom it is the most sought after question and I hope to put your mind at ease – and your body to work here in a bit.

If you recently had a baby, please check out our postpartum exercise guidelines.

Are there specific lower ab exercises?

Your lower abs are not separate from your upper abs.  They belong to the rectus abdominis, but they’re hard to target because they get a little bit more narrow as they get closer to the pelvis region.

So….you have to use your core muscles if you expect them to get back to their prior self – or even better self. You cannot expect yourself to just bounce back. Think of it this way, you don’t train for a Half Marathon by NOT running. So you cannot expect to train your core to flatten by NOT exercising it.

Let’s start with training it the correct way so you can maximize your time. 90% of us do a crunch the wrong way. Instead of engaging the inner core muscles and flattening the belly, we tend to “pooch” the belly out as we crunch up. Why? It is easier that way and by default our bodies take the easy route! You could do crunches until you are blue in the face, but until you initiate from the Inner Core you will not see a change.

Abs are made in the Kitchen

Have you heard this before?  Well, it’s partly true.  We all have overlying fat on our bellies.  This fat lies on top of our muscles.  To decrease this fat we have to be mindful with our nutrition.

Can I spot reduce my lower abs?

Oh I want to say yes!  But the real scientific answer is nope, nada, you cannot.  A full body training program with cardio is your best bet to getting a stronger, slimmer core.

I like to focus on the core here at Moms Into Fitness.  I could go on and on about the importance of a strong foundation (your core) to help with pains, weaknesses, etc.  But the main reason we focus on the core is because it is most affected by pregnancy & postpartum.

The Lower Ab Workout






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