Quick At Home Barre Workout

Barre exercises are a great workout for busy moms! Barre is a combination Pilates, Yoga and traditional ballet moves. Although no dance is required! No ballet barre is required for this at-home workout.

This is a workout for all levels. You don’t need a ballet barre, any sturdy chair  or countertop will do! We target smaller muscles groups while using larger muscles groups to stabilize each exercise. This creates a dynamic routine to shape and tone your core, arms and posterior chain (the backside of your body).

Find the full workout in our Barre Sport series.

Curtsey Curls

Focus: Biceps and Glutes

Train Track Taps

Focus: Shoulders & Glutes

Oblique Lift

Focus: Obliques, Core & Gluteus Medius

Curtsey Serve

Focus: Core, Shoulders & Glutes

Figure 4 Stretch

Focus: Stretching! Every good barre routine includes mobility, or how your body moves (flexibility). Universally moms are tight in the hips.

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