You really need some sleep at the end of a pregnancy, but you just can’t get enough.  So it’s time to follow these simple tips to fight off prenatal insomnia.

#1  Get yourself comfortable

When the tiny bump has transformed into a big belly it can be challenging to find a comfortable position. If that’s a problem for not sleeping during pregnancy, use more pillows. Many women say placing a pillow between legs really helps. Remember to sleep on a left-hand side, because it will prevent the weight of the baby from pressing on blood vessels, thus improving circulation. And try to avoid sleeping on the back as it may result in low blood pressure, palpitations and shortness of breath.

#2  Stretch out

Discomfort in the hips and back pain may result in insomnia during pregnancy. Stretching these parts of your body will relieve pressure from your static nerves, releasing your hips and lower back. Other effective exercises are pelvic tucks to strengthen your glutes, hamstrings and pelvic floor while stretching your back and kegel exercises for the pelvic floor.

#3  Eat frequently and drink frequently during the day

Indigestion and heartburn are quite common during the 3rd trimester, so avoid eating spicy foods late at night. If you feel hungry, have something light – whole-grain crackers, a glass of milk or a banana. Caffeine (in tea, chocolate, coffee and cola drinks) should be avoided or limited to 200 mg.

Try to drink fluids during the day – during pregnancy you should aim for 10 cups of water.  Your growing uterus adds pressure to your bladder, hence the numerous bathroom breaks. Sometimes this is just part of the pregnancy gig!

#4  Exercise

Tiredness is a usual sign of late pregnancy, but try to do quick and easy exercises each day you can. Or you can attend yoga classes, swim or walk in the park – it will help you avoid trouble sleeping while pregnant and ensure healthier pregnancy.

Exercise in the early evening or day, and not just before you go to sleep, as it can prevent you from dropping off. However, doing yoga or going for a walk just before bed help reduces leg cramping.



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