Postnatal High Intensity Interval Training

Gentle HIIT, Core & Stretch Postnatal Workout


Just as the name suggests, we work your entire body within this gentle HIIT workout, then we stretch – it – out. Don’t let the word gentle trick you into thinking this is an easy workout, it’s simply easy on the joints.

HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training, a popular workout method. Most popular among moms because you can get the same benefits of a 60 minute workout in just 10-15 minutes. Usually HIIT uses a 2:1 ratio of intense exercise: active recovery. For example, 40 seconds of burpees followed by 20 seconds of walking.

HIIT been around for ages but has recently become more popular with exercise programs such as P90X, Insanity, and various other independent projects by fitness gurus. There is a reason why this type of training has become popular in highly motivated individuals and why you should try it too.

Even the less conditioned can try HIIT. The point of it is to try and complete as many repetitions of a certain exercise as you personally can during a given time period. If you are a beginner and the exercise is particularly challenging, it is possible that you may only be able to complete one repetition. But that’s totally okay! The important thing is that you write down your score and try to maybe do two repetitions next time so you continue to progress and increase your fitness. DO modifications, DON’T quit.

As you can see, this is just a sliver of the magnitude of research that exists that says HIIT induces the same training adaptations as CT with decreased exercise time. In the busy world we live in, we need to save time where we can, but we also need to strive to be healthy. However, this type of training is hard. A lot of people do not want to do hard workouts. But if you can condition your body to understand that the difficulty of the workout is providing you with benefits in the long term, then you can begin to reap the toning, time saving, training benefits of HIIT training.

by Sarah Joseph, M.S. Health Science

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