Low Impact Lower Body Barre Workout

I pulled these barre exercises from our Barre Sport workout program. It’s a mix of everything I love … strength, toning, endurance, sweatin’, and dance. When I say dance, I don’t mean choreography. I mean sculpting, strong moves that burn and tone to reveal our muscles! NO dance background is required. It’s a 6-week program that will get you ready for Summer. We marry great Barre moves with agility, mobility, and boxing to increase that heart rate.

Train Track Tap

Focus: Strengthen Gluteus Medius & Stretch Hip Flexors

Figure 4 to Extension

Focus: Gluteus Minimus and Gluteus Medius

Low Impact Lunge & Kick

Focus: Quadriceps

Squeeze and Lift

Focus: Hamstrings & Gluteus Maximus

Glute Push Up

Focus: Gluteus maximus, medius and minimus

Bridge with Glute Stabilization

Focus: Hamstrings & Glutes

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