Watch On TV

To watch on your TV, you simply need a device or a “stick” that can connect to the internet.

You’ll notice our platform defaults to the highest HD resolution setting for your videos. If you’re having trouble with a video, toggle the settings icon and reduce the resolution to 720 or lower.

If you have Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Firestick or any other “stick” that mirrors your desktop/mobile device, follow the directions below.



Mirror your device to your TV.  Do this one time and you’re all set! Click here for directions.


Mirror your device to your TV.  Do this one time and you’re all set! Connect to the same wifi the Chromecast is using.

Open members.momsintofitness.com from within the Chrome Browser (a browser is how you surf the internet – Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.). Then mirror your device by clicking the Google Cast icon in the top right menu bar. If you don’t see the cast icon, click here.


Open members.momsintofitness.com directly from your Firestick browser. Read more about it here.


Mirror to your TV with by clicking here for directions.    


Within the web browser, navigate to members.momsintofitness.com. Voila! Each Smart TV has a Browser (think Google Chrome, Safari) that is native to their brand. Although Smart TV’s have come a long way, we find this to be the most difficult way to watch your videos.


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