We all became mothers to enrich our lives, right?!?!  Well my Pre-Mom self did not see all the ear infections, tantrums, diaper blow outs, food fits, “can I catch a break?”  things that happen as you are on your way out the door to an appointment that started 10 minutes ago.

But all of these little things, although they add up, are out of our control.  I want you to keep one thing in your control.  And that is YOU.  Your health.  Your mental well-being.  Your sanity.  So that means spending a little time on you.  And whether you choose me to be your guide, or another professional, take my advice and follow a blueprint, a guide, a book, a fitness class from somebody who knows.

You are the Family Brain.  You don’t need another thing to navigate through.  So let us take the guesswork out of health and fitness.  Myself and my team at Moms Into Fitness have you covered from Kids Nutrition to Pregnancy Safety to Getting your Body Back.

As moms, we all have lists 20 feet tall.  And there are some things we always stall, but I hope to make it easier for all:)   I will be in touch, Lindsay B.

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