I am the mom of four boys ranging from 16 down to 2 in age. I discovered your pregnancy and Postnatal Boot Camp in 2003 and absolutely loved them!! I wish I had known with my first child 🙂 Your workouts help me gain back my body, my energy and my confidence in how strong I could be to my babies. I gained about 40-50 lobs each time and was able to loose it all and get in better shape afterwards with each child! I am amazed 🙂 I have done your original pregnancy workouts, both Postnatal Boot Camps, both Pretty Fierce programs, Shed 5 Fast, Core Jumpstart and have your app and have downloaded PFX recently. You inspire me and I continue to use your videos each week even when I’m doing another program 🙂 Thank you so much, I’m in the best shape ever.

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