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Get your SWEAT on for 20-25 minutes a day!
This is just for you!
You want workouts under 30 min that burn calories, shrink your waistline, tone, improve your core health and increase flexibility. Ultimately, you want to feel and look good but may not have the time or energy to get there. Plus, who has time for a Barre class, a pilates class, kick boxing, lifting weights, and spinning. I don’t so come SWEAT with us!
15 in 20 - 15 workouts in 20 days
Sweat Series means two different programs – 3 weeks each with a week off between. Commit to one or both – completely up to you!
Fits your level
For the most active mommas and beginners using modifiers
Fits your schedule
Workouts available 24/7. I'm looking for 15 in 20 with 4 MIF workouts a week with 1 day of moving how you want to move!
Plateau-busting moves
High cardio infused with stretching, pilates, and strength training.
Toning, Cardio & Flexibility
Four workouts with MIF each week plus one of your choice (get out and enjoy the weather). 10 new workouts under 25 min except for two with optional flexibility moves to get rid of the aches and pains.
over 150 kid-tested recipes and meal plans
Clean Family-Friendly Recipes
Access the SWEAT Clean Recipe Box & Meal Planner.
150 Wholesome Recipes
Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed by today’s dietary Dos and Don’ts? If so, let us take some of the guesswork out of meal planning and nutrition by choosing from over 150 family-friendly wholesome recipes created by our registered dietitian.
Simple & Nutritious
Follow the simple and nutritious recipes from our weekly Recipe Box and begin incorporating wholesome meals into your daily routine right away.
It’s not Keto, it’s not Whole30
It’s called balance and it’s a lifestyle change that is not only maintainable, but also delicious.
Our Nutritional Philosophy
Our nutritional philosophy is rooted in integration – not elimination. I mean who doesn’t love pizza and all the dirty dishes you don’t have to do on a Friday night?!
We've got you covered! Our Registered Dietitian has a special guide for you.
Access to Lindsay and the moms into fitness community
They say it takes a village, so we’d love for you to join ours!
Our Moms Into Fitness Community offers complete access to Lindsay and the entire Moms Into Fitness tribe – over 75,000 women from newly pregnant moms to empty-nesters.
No pressure, no drama, no nonsense– just you nurturing yourself and finding your sweet spot among other Moms who are also striving to feel healthy, fit and complete.
We can’t do this alone – and why should we?!


"I am a stay at home mom of 3 little ones. Two girls that are 5 and 3 and a little boy that is 10 months. I got into fitness after college and have continued to use it to get back into shape after each baby. With your programs I have gained back my confidence and motivation to keep pushing forward."
- Allison
"As a busy working mom of three I never made time for myself and put on a lot of weight. When I found Moms Into Fitness I figured I could give it a try. The programs are short and sweet and work! I found that as I dedicated less than an hour a day to myself I was able to be a much better mom and wife. More than anything I have learned that I am important too. I ran my first marathon ever using your running programs."
- Jessica
"I discovered Lindsay Brin after baby #1. I had been an on and off runner and gym exerciser, but her programs got me in the best shape ever. I am down to a weight I have not been in about 7 years and stronger than ever. I can now do push-ups on my toes easily and did my first Tough Mudder this summer."
- Bronwen
"I finished my first half marathon last Saturday Woo-Hoo! I credit your programs for helping me train, and being able to finish! I am feeling so great and I love your focus on core strength! I have really built up my core strength after having back surgery one year ago. I have never met you, but I love you! "
- Katie
"My goal is to stay strong and set good healthy examples for my family. I love having a schedule and actually don’t mind getting up before work to get my workout in-most days;)"
- Christine
"Finding the Moms Into Fitness programs completely changed how I approached fitness. It made exercising several days a week somehow seem manageable, even in the midst of working and parenting 2 little ones. It has helped me to be healthier, less critical of myself, and try to be a good fitness role model for my kids including doing two family 5K races this summer."
- Sarah F
"I feel much stronger and healthier and I actually look forward to doing the workouts every day. I’ve lost 49 pounds and lots of inches in seven months and this month, my abs are reappearing, thanks to you! "
- Claire
"After having my 2 boys the Pretty Fierce programs helped me lose 100lbs and Lindsay’s workouts gave me confidence to take up running. I have since run numerous distances and races!"
- Jessica



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