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Superset Arms & Abs

You might be wondering what is a superset? Supersets are a form of strength training where you move quickly from one exercise to the next achieving muscle tone while torching calories.  Are you seeing a theme at Moms Into Fitness? We want to achieve more in less time because we have stuff do do! We’re MOMS!

These 6 supersets target the chest/back, biceps/triceps, abs/lower back, and front/rear deltoid. You will find basic combinations with a twist to tone up the shoulders, arms & core. Two sets of weights needed (one light set will do!)

Don’t let the word ‘superset’ scare you – you got this! Let’s do this together and feel good about ourselves.


Set Up: Stand with your feet facing forward, slightly apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and stretch your arms straight above your head.

Bend your arms, lowering the left dumbbell in front of your head and your right dumbbell behind your head. Stretch your arms straight up again and then lower your left dumbbell behind your head and the right dumbbell in front of your head.

Do 15 reps.


Set Up: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, feet facing forward. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with your arms straight down so that the dumbbells are at your thighs. Have the base of the dumbbells facing forward.

Bend your arms to raise the dumbbells, turning them out to the sides as they come up to your shoulder height. Keep your elbows by your sides and your tummy tight as you raise them up. Lower them back down.

Do 15 reps. Then you’ve completed a Superset – you worked your triceps in the first exercise, and now your biceps!


Set Up: Stand with your feet facing forward, legs slightly apart, knees slightly bent. Bend forward at a ninety degree angle so that your stomach is parallel to the floor. Hold your arms straight down toward the ground with a dumbbell in each hand. Abs tight.

Pull the dumbbells up and out to the sides as if you were rowing. You should bend your elbows and pull them back behind you as you lift. Slowly lower the dumbbells back down.

Do 15 reps.


Set Up: Place a dumbbell on each side of your mat. Kneel down with your legs together and then lean forward so that your hands are on each dumbbell and you are in a kneeling pushup position.

Keeping your core tight and your back and booty in a straight line, do 15 pushups, bending your arms to lower your chest to the ground and then pushing back up.

That completes your 2nd superset! You worked your back and chest between this exercise and the reverse row.


Set Up: Lay flat on a mat with your arms extended straight above your head in a wide V position. Have your legs spread open slightly so that one foot is on each side of the mat as well. You should look like a starfish!

Raise your right hand and reach it straight up toward your left leg. Raise your left leg simultaneously, straight into the air. Try to touch your left toe with your right hand but keep your left leg straight! Lay back down and then repeat 15 more times. Then, do 15 reps with your right leg raised.


Set Up: Lay on your stomach on a mat with your arms stretched straight above your head.

Keeping your arms and legs straight, buns tight, raise your right arm straight up off the mat while simultaneously lifting your left leg straight up. Lower both back down and then lift your left arm and your right leg straight up. Repeat this ‘swimming’ motion 15 times!

You just did an abs/back superset!