Mix up your running workouts!

You want to lose weight. But you’re a busy mom, so you turned to running—it’s quick, intense and burns a lot of calories. The pounds will just fall off, right?

Well, not exactly. Let me let you in on a little secret: running alone isn’t the silver bullet to losing weight. Running needs to be combined with cross training and proper nutrition to be an effective weight loss tool.  Read more about the runner’s diet.

Jogging is a good for your heart and increasing endurance. Interval running—think picking up your pace for a specific amount of time—will increase your maximum oxygen intake. And toning will, as the name implies, tone your muscles and allow you to burn calories long after your workout is over. Put them together, and you’ll reach your weight loss goal.

Okay, I’m sold on interval running. But how do I do it?

If you want to lose weight, jogging alone isn’t enough. Here is how to lose weight while running: combine jogging with interval training and HIIT exercises. Then, just eat healthily, sleep well and watch the scale drop.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow toning + running program, use our Ignite your Inner Athlete workout program.

Running Option #1

Endurance Training – warm up, jog 2 min, walk 1 min, repeat jog/walk for 20 minutes.  Each week add an extra minute to the jog interval.  As always, cool down and stretch when you are done!

Running Option #2

Speed Training – warm up, jog 100 steps, sprint 50 steps, walk until recovered, repeat jog/sprint/walk for 20 minutes.  As always, cool down and stretch when you are done!

Running Option #3 

Mix your toning with your running!  Complete this workout in under 15 minutes, or increase your periods of running and make it a 30 minute workout.

This is my go-to workout for my driveway!  Do 20 reps of 1st exercise, run 90 seconds, do 20 reps of the next exercise, run for 90 seconds, etc.

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