I’m so excited to share my Summer Shape Up results with you.  This was a great program!  I really enjoyed it.  Looking at my before & after pictures is motivating me to keep pressing on.  I lost 5.5 pounds over the 6 weeks.  Because I am small-chested, I was disappointed at first to learn that I lost 1.5 inches in my chest.  However, when I look at my before & after pictures from the back, I can see where that change was and those 1.5 inches were totally worth it!  I also lost 2 inches in my natural waist and over an inch in my thighs.  I’m starting to see some decent definition in my arms and abs.  I wasn’t following the Recipe Box, but for me, making good food choices means exercising self control over junk food and not indulging every craving.  I did pretty well overall on that front.

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