Ready for Sweaty? Cardio Workouts

For a good cardio sesh – and to reap all the benefits – it’s important you get into your target heart rate zone. If you are pregnant ?? it’s a little different – you will want to use RPE (rate of perceived exertion) or the Talk Test – you can find these here.

The calculation for this is 220-age = maximum heart rate (MHR).  And gauging to stay between 60-80% of your MHR.  You can also use a heart rate monitor.

If that makes your brain hurt think of it this way…

Aerobic exercise will keep you in a constant, steady state of huffing and puffing.  It’s not necessarily comfortable but at the same time it’s something you could do for an extended period of time, say 20-30 minutes.  This is easily achieved when pushing a stroller with toddlers in it:)

Then there is anaerobic exercise, which pushes your fitness limits with intense spurts of exercise.  Generally you can stay in the anaerobic phase for very little time.

You are never 100% aerobic or 100% anaerobic.  Good examples of workouts that challenge both your aerobic and anaerobic capacity are HIIT and Tabata.

Check out these Ready for Sweaty Cardio workouts!

1. Running HIIT style

Jog 100 steps/Sprint 20 steps.  Do this 5x, then walk or jog for 2 minutes.  Repeat to reach 20 minutes total.

Going for a jog in the neighborhood?  I love to count mailboxes or make a goal mark for the jog portion and sprint portion.


2.  Walk

Walk out your front door and jog 5 minutes away from your house.  Then walk or jog home.  I call it the 5-minute rule!  After 5 minutes I am usually motivated to do a little more;)



3. Cardio Intervals

Add some of these exercise mix-ins every few minutes as you jog.  If you are jogging with your stroller, my kids love counting (and watching me suffer a lil’ bit) through these moves.

Exercises Mix -Ins:  Jumping Jacks, Tuck Jumps, High Knees, Boxers Shuffle


4.  Indoor Cardio Workout

You can do any Cardio workout inside our streaming workouts.  My favorites are Love Your Body Cardio, Cardio HIIT and Pure Cardio. All for moms, all 30 minutes or less!


5. Pregnancy Cardio workouts

Pregnant?  We’ve got you covered.  Check out our suggested Pregnancy Cardio Workouts  – try any of them for free!  Or click here to learn more about running during pregnancy!

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