We were going to do a family photo shoot with a professional photographer and  I knew that I would have to buckle down to get some weight off before our photo shoot.  One week before the 30 Day Core Challenge started, I cut out all junk food from my diet (but was not exercising).  And after adding in the exercise, I’m down 6.6 pounds since I started this process!  Woohoo!
I did the 30 Day Core program for the Challenge.  The accountability through daily check-ins really kept me motivated to stay on track.  The workouts were challenging and I always felt so accomplished when I was done.  Fitness is not just about how many pounds or inches you lose, or looking better in your clothes.  Indeed, there is an emotional component – I feel better about myself – and not only because I lost weight and inches (although that is a big piece of it), but because I stuck it out to the end.  Each day was full of decisions that were either going to keep me on track or derail me.  And the majority of the time, I made decisions that would keep me on track.  Every day felt like a small victory because I got the workouts in and made a myriad of good food decisions throughout the day.  I have more energy and feel stronger and more “fit.”  My body can do way more than it could 30 days ago!  My self-esteem and body image have improved.  All in all, I’m really happy with my results!  Thank you for your workouts and encouragement!

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