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Quick Arm Workout

I LOVE this workout! It helps me with that upper-arm jiggle and is made just for moms because we tone and tighten in about 15 minutes! Let’s face it, we want to feel and look good, but there is just never enough time in the day.

In this workout, we are focusing on the middle-upper back, arms, and abs. These are new, unique moves to target the shoulders and sculpt those arms! You need a light to medium set of weights, or no weights, and a resistance loop (or leggings tied in a knot).

Let’s get moving mommas!


Set Up: Stand with your feet facing forward, slightly apart, body straight. Hold your elbows by your sides and bend your arms at a 90-degree angle. Hold a resistance band between your hands.

Keeping your elbows by your sides, pull the resistance band out to the right. Keep your left hand stationary, pulling the band to hold it in place. Bring your right hand back to center and then pull the band with your left hand out to the left side. Keep your core tight!

Do 15 reps per arm.


Set Up: Kneel down into a modified pushup position with your knees on the ground, feet behind you, toes turned under. Your arms should be straight under your shoulders and your back and booty should be in a nice straight line. Have a resistance band around your wrists.

Slightly lift your hands, one at a time, off the floor as if they were walking in place. Keep pulling slightly on the resistance band to ensure it is tight.

Walk your hands in place 15 times with each hand, keeping your abs tight and your push up position straight as you go.


Set Up: Lay on a mat on your stomach with your legs straight behind you. Put your hands slightly above your shoulders and push yourself up, arching your back and raising your head and stomach off the ground.

Lower your chest toward the ground and pretend you are drawing a half circle with your shoulders, lowering your chest to the right and arching it back up on the left side. Then, draw another half circle going from left to right.

Repeat 15 times and then lie down to take a break.


Set Up: Begin in a modified push up position, knees bent, feet straight behind you and your arms shoulder width apart on the ground. Your hands should be directly under your shoulders and you should have one small dumbbell ready.

 Hold the dumbbell in your left hand, right hand flat on the floor. Lower your chest and do one push up (makes sure to keep your abs tight, booty in a straight line with your back). Once you are back up, roll the dumbbell to your right hand and hold it in your right hand as you do another pushup. Then roll the dumbbell back to the left and repeat.

Do 15 pushups with the dumbbell in each hand.


Set Up: Lay on your left side and push your body up onto your forearm, supporting yourself with your left arm and your feet. Keep your legs straight and your whole body tight in a nice straight line.

Hold a dumbbell in your right hand and lower it to the mat, right below your left supporting hand. Keep your stomach facing forward and your body tight as you raise the dumbbell up, straightening your arm up to the ceiling. Lower the dumbbell back down and repeat.

Do 15 reps then switch to the opposite side.


Set Up: Kneel down on a mat and place your hands on the ground about three feet in front of your knees. Have your hands touching so that they make a triangle. Your arms should be straight, head down and back slightly arched upward.

Shift your weight forward, on to your hands, as you bend your arms and bring your nose to your hand triangle. Push pack up, rocking your weight back to your knees as you straighten your arms.

Do 15 reps.