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5 New Workouts you can access anywhere - Arms & Abs HIIT, Buns Legs & Back, Cardio HIIT, Core & Flexibility and Shred.

Stream or download the workouts immediately - Access your workouts from any device.

Complete 28 Day Schedule - 5 days a week, less than 30 minutes a day!

A Confident and Healthy Mama:)

BONUS Express Workout - No equipment, 12 moves!

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Can you carve 25 min, 5 days a week, out of your busy mom schedule? I know you are the family brain and the last thing you want to do is figure out how to be healthy and fit. So let me give you the Blueprint – you give yourself the commitment.

Many busy moms feel helpless when it comes to their fitness plan either because they don’t know what exercises are right for them or they just don’t have the time to squeeze in the sessions they know they should be doing. Whether you are a seasoned gym bunny or have never worked out before, you will love 30 DAY CORE!

You’ll get five different workout programs, each one lasting just 20-28. Your abs will be loaded differently each day. And since abs need recovery (recovery time is actually what pulls your muscles in like a corset – the fibers repair and shrink) our 30 Day Calendar provides the just the right amount!
Barefoot Core Focus 28 min
A Barefoot Approach! Because the more muscles recruited, the more calories burned. We will focus on the core while tightening up the entire body.

Cardio Core 30 min
The perfect combination to melt fat and work the waistline.

Cardio Torch 28 min
Pure cardio to maximize calorie burn. Train your heart with Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises.

360° Core & Flexibility 27 min
20 minutes of pure Abs followed by a feel good stretch to lengthen your muscles and improve your posture.

Shred 25 min
We will strengthen your entire body without loading the abs – because abs should not be done everyday.

Comes with 30 DAY CORE CALENDAR with perfectly sequenced workouts to get 6-pack Abs without loading the abs everyday.

*Compatible with Apple, Amazon and Android mobile devices.  To access from other devices or a computer you will want our Online Streaming.

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Instant Download –
Use these 5 workouts to create a well-rounded routine. Each workout is about 15 minutes – pair them together for an advanced workout. Work all facets of fitness during pregnancy: cardio, upper body, lower body, core and flexibility. This is the 4th pregnancy DVD to Download designed by Lindsay Brin, pre/post-natal specialist, CPT, B.S.E. Exercise Science.

*Comes with Workout Calendar so you know what to do to keep you and your baby safe. Plus a Prenatal Nutrition Plan!

Pure Prenatal Cardio, 17 min
Our cardio focused workout designed to get your heart rate up (to safe levels) while improving your fitness with each workout you do.

Barefoot Lower Body, 17 min
This workout, which combines a mix of weighted exercises and barre moves is perfect for toning the lower half as your belly continues to grow. You’ll be concentrating on your hips, glutes, and lower back, all which must lengthened and strengthened during pregnancy.

Barefoot Upper Body, 17 min
These Upper body exercises are designed to help your growing belly and minimize back pain, while improving posture. This workout will not load the core, but keep your core engaged to support a healthy core recovery after the baby is born.

Fluid Cardio Tone, 15 min
Using a light set of dumbbells, this workout will keep you firm and looking great throughout your pregnancy. You’ll be guided through a series of cardio and strength based movements, giving you a well rounded session that you enjoy every step of the way.

Prenatal Core & Flexibility, 16 min
Not engaging the ab muscles throughout pregnancy can make it tougher for your abs to bounce back after the baby arrives. We will do safe ab exercises that do not have you lying on your back. We teach you how to use your inner core and pelvic floor – the muscles that support your baby like a sling.  This workout is also devoted to keeping up your flexibility throughout pregnancy, which will reduce aches and pains.