Pregnancy Exercise Guideline Extras

When to stop Prenatal Exercise

Know when to STOP Exercise by reading the ACOG Committee Opinion 650. This information is used in all recent publications, so make sure you know when to stop and when you should not begin an exercise program. You will see Contraindications, which means inadvisable. There are several prenatal conditions that make exercise inadvisable. All exercise should be discussed with your healthcare provider.


Weight Gain Guidelines for Pregnancy


The Institute of Medicine released Pregnancy Weight Guidelines in 2009. You will need to know your BMI to see what range you fall in. You can calculate your BMI by using a BMI formula on any website, entering your pre-pregnancy weight.

Institute of Medicine 2009 Weight Gain Guidelines

CategoryBMI RangeAppropriate Weight Gain
Underweight18.5 or less28 – 40 pounds
Healthy Weight18.5 – 24.925 – 35 pounds
Overweight25 – 29.915 – 25 pounds
ObeseGreater than 3011 – 20 pounds
You can easily find your BMI on any online BMI calculator. Use your pre-pregnancy weight in the calculation.


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