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Are you ready to get your body back?

Or just to feel “normal” again? Maybe desperate to get rid of the 60 lbs you gained during pregnancy?

It takes a commitment. It takes nutritional changes (you CANNOT out-exercise a bad diet). It takes 2% of your day. It takes YOU putting YOU first.... even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

Yeah, yeah I know your answer is “I have no time”, but any mom will tell you if mom is happy and energized the family follows suit. And everyone benefits.

You google mom workouts and 9 million sites come up. How are we supposed to know what’s right? No gimmicks, no fads here, no strict rules you cannot adhere to. And we have 250,000 moms (and counting!) just like you enjoying this program right now.

How did you envision motherhood? Zapped with no energy? Or playing with the kids, doing mom/tot swim classes and going for a walk in the park? Working out will give you the energy you need to be the mom you have envisioned being.

How do I get my body back?

  • The Pelvic Floor and Transverse Abdominis – the inner core muscles- were affected by pregnancy. We will start by training these muscles.
  • Progressive Exercise – what’s that? Well you cannot just hop back into any exercise program. Your body is considered “normal” at 6 weeks postpartum, but you are left with loose muscles, loose skin and added weight.
  • The Core Progression will work for you even if you had a c-section or Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation).
  • Burns 4x the calories as a standard treadmill
  • Have fun with strength workouts that boost your metabolism.
  • Convenient – At Home – All you need is a set of weights

You already do so many jobs as mom, so I encourage you to take the ‘thinking” out of this piece. If somebody told you just do A and B and you will get the body you have always wanted, would you do it? Well here it is.

You choose what you have time for
4 or 5 day/week calendars

After having a baby you will be understandably overtired and low on free time, however with this Program there are no lengthy and drawn out exercises, just targeted and timed interval workouts which really work the places they are supposed to. You can mix n' match the workouts to fit your schedule OR follow or Fast Track Calendars.

6 Toning Workouts:

  • 10 min Full Body Workout 1
  • 10 min Full Body Workout 2
  • 10 min Full Body Workout 3
  • 10 min Full Body Workout 4
  • 10 min Lower Body Focus
  • 10 min Upper Body Focus

4 Cardio Workouts:

  • 10 min Fat Burning Cardio 1
  • 10 min Fat Burning Cardio 2
  • 10 min HIIT Cardio
  • 10 min Sport Cardio

5 Core Workouts:

  • 8 min Core #1 Recovery
  • 9 min Core #2 Conditioning
  • 6 min Core #3 Strengthening
  • 10 min Core #4 Core Cardio
  • 10 min Core #5 Conditioning
  • *Plus Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs
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Postnatal Nutrition Pack
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Serving sizes? Portions? Calories? Food scales? Boo. Hiss. Who has time for that?
We took out the guesswork and did it all for you. Our Registered Dietitian has this Simple Postnatal Plan for you.

Why are these workouts going to work?

  • New Mom Nutrition Needs.
  • Postnatal Nutrition Blueprint.
  • Comes with Breastfeeding Blueprint.

Download the program right now
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Using the most recent research - small, intense bouts of exercise are more effective and burn more calories - we dove into HIIT, Tabata, Shredding and Splits for the most effective Total Body workout.

Don't let those words scare you. In the Postnatal SlimDown we "water them down" for the first few weeks and increase the intensity as your postnatal body progresses.

Whether you are a seasoned gym bunny or have never worked out before, get fit at your own rate and see results fast. You choose what you have time for with the 4 and 5 day/week calendars!