Can I do planks, twisting and plyometrics during pregnancy?

Twisting – to twist or not to twist?

Sometimes twisting can throw off your center of gravity or put extra pressure on the belly tissues. Therefore, we keep the twisting to a minimum in our pregnancy workouts, while still providing functional exercise. We don’t go through our days without twisting and our exercise should mimic our body’s biomechanics.

If you have diastasis recti, twisting is kept to a minimum in our pregnancy workouts.

Planks – to plank or not to plank during pregnancy?

Planks are a great exercise for pregnant moms!  This one exercise can strengthen the abs, back, arms and shoulders all-in-one.  It also keeps pregnant women off of their backs for extended periods of time (see below).

There is a BUT to the planking scenario!  You can plank during pregnancy BUT you must know how to cue your transverse abdominis.

While one study published by ACOG once recommended that a pregnant woman shouldn’t lie on her back after the first trimester, recent suggestions advise against lying for extended periods of time during pregnancy. This is due to the fact that, as the baby grows, the venous return to the heart decreases. This decrease can cause hypotension, or low blood pressure. The same rules apply to some motionless postures found in yoga.

Plyometrics – yay or nay?

As long as your exertion level is safe (i.e. you can pass the Talk Test), engaging in these types of exercises is completely up to you. Did you do plyometrics prior to becoming pregnant? If so, go for it! But, also know when and how to adjust these movements as your belly grows over time.

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