So thankful to have found Lindsay Brin and her workouts. In Oct of 2017 I had a beautiful baby girl (my 3rd child). It was already early into the new year and I hadn’t dropped any baby weight that some say “just falls off”. I found Moms into Fitness and started in Mar 2018. I printed all her recipes and started eating healthier and doing her workouts. Slowly but surely I lost weight.

But for me the workouts are more than just a workout. That winter had been so hard for no apparent reason I think I was on my way to depression..but I soon found out exercise and eating healthier was just what the doctor ordered. Now I’m hooked. My mental health feels so good and that’s what keeps me going. But don’t be fooled, I definitely still had my little treats here and there as I wanted this to be my lifestyle and not forever on a “diet”. That might be why it took me a little over a year and a half. Anyway, keep training and eating healthy, and enjoy that treat here and there ????. Looking forward to Boot Camp!