YOU have lifted me up! I started working out with you using your Postpartum DVDs I found on Amazon when my son was first born. I was STRUGGLING with postpartum depression and working out just made me feel better. I found out I was pregnant with my daughter 5 days before my son’s first birthday and 20 lbs from my goal weight. I switched to your pregnancy workouts and tried to keep on going while chasing after my 1 year old and dealing with all day morning sickness.

Now a year postpartum from my daughter I just finished your Summer Shape up! I’ve found my sweet spot! I’ve lost 50lbs this year, 14 in the last 6 weeks, and I’m back to weight I was before I started having babies. I am feeling fit and I have not felt this confident in such a long time!

You have been such a bright part of my day, you have motivated me and kept me going when I really wanted to give up on myself. I would hear you say “Never skip a Monday” in my head every Monday morning and I’d get my workout in. Now I look forward to my workout time most days!

Thank you so much for what you do! You have helped me to change my life for the better!

You lifted me up
Avoid Weight Gain between Halloween and New Years 🎃
Finding your Sweet Spot
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