Ladies, this has been a challenging weekend – made me realize I’m getting fitter. I’ve gone out of my comfort zone every time I left the lodge and pushed myself harder than ever. Did another 12 miles of walking yesterday even if I didn’t manage to top the steep climb. But I wouldn’t be here without Moms Into Fitness. I will be back and climb that mountain! … It’s been just over a year since I found [MIF]. Everything happens for a reason. On that day I was feeling low, overweight, and unhealthy. I was led to you and I’ve felt stronger since. Thank you. I will keep going.

— Leanne


Moms Into Fitness offers the best online fitness, nutritional guidance, and recipes for moms. Get moving with 600+ scientifically backed workouts for all fitness levels in many different styles. Whether you’re easing back into exercise after birth or you’re a lifelong athlete, you will find a program that feels just right. At-home workouts are easily accessed from your computer or favorite streaming device. Try it for FREE.

Moms Into Fitness was founded by mom of three Lindsay Brin, BSE in exercise science and certified personal trainer. She is passionate about helping moms achieve optimal health without going to extremes — loving yourself from the inside out one day at a time.