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Hit the Ultimate Fitness ceiling in the next 60 days!

Lean Out and lose the last 5-15 lbs.

Have you dreamed of being an athlete again? Or taking off the last 5-15 pounds? Well it takes the hybrid of workouts to hit your fitness ceiling. You don’t train your biceps by doing the same curls everyday -- the same goes for your heart. You need to train your heart in multiple ways - both your aerobic and anaerobic threshold to increase your endurance. And yes, thousands of moms are now in better shape than they were in high school. Whether you were an athlete or not, you will love the continuous challenge!

Join 5 moms just like you. A breast cancer survivor, a mom of twins, a mom who lost 40 lbs, an x-volleyball player, with 13 kids combined. We work your body in ways you have not worked it. We work both muscular endurance and muscular strength to create long pliable muscles.

The HIIT workout will work your anaerobic threshold. You will be sweating in the first minutes. In fact, during filming the workout was cut 3 times to mop up sweat on the floor! The endurance workout will help you push your fitness ceiling even higher. You are never 100% aerobic or 100% anaerobic, always tipping the scale.

This program is not for beginners. In fact we recommend you workout consistently for 2 months before trying this extreme program. The hardest workout ever - Total Body Endurance - is 48 minutes in length. The other 10 workouts are all under 28 minutes

Read about moms just like you.

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I am here to tell you your fitness goal is attainable.

Take Jessica S for instance. As a busy working mom of 3 she never made time for herself and put on a lot of weight. She found that as she dedicated time to herself she was able to be a much better mom and wife. More than anything she learned that she is important too. And to think she hated running just a few months ago -- here she is 2 marathons later!

How did you envision motherhood? Zapped with "no" energy? Or playing with the kids, doing mom/tot swim classes and going for a walk in the park.

You need a program that adapts to your busy schedule and your body. Your brain is it max capacity, your time is valuable. You already do so many jobs as mom, so I encourage you to take the ‘sequencing’ out of your schedule. Let us do the basework -- you do the grunt work! If somebody told you just do A and B and you will get the body you have always wanted, would you do it? Well here it is.

The 60 Day LEAN OUT Program
includes 12 workouts:

Anaerobic Capacity

Higher calorie burn and a stronger heart! Your body learns to burn carbs and fat even when it’s not in full intensity mode.
36 Minutes

Aerobic capacity

To give you better overall fitness. You don’t train your abs with 1 individual exercise - so don’t train your heart that way either!
Choose between 26, 36 or 44 minutes

Total Body Endurance

Burn right through the fat! Helps you sustain harder workouts for longer. The hardest. Workout. Ever.
48 Minutes

Lower Body Endurance

A challenge like you have never seen, zapping your glutes and thighs!
30 Minutes

Upper Body Endurance

Get lean while getting stronger with this workout.
28 Minutes

Core Endurance & Core Strength

10 pure core endurance exercises. Then add a weight to a new series of core exercises to increase the lactic burn.
11 Minutes & 9 Minutes

Total Body Strength

Create lean tissue, because lean tissue burns fat.
55 Minutes

Lower Body Strength

Gain strength without gaining bulk! This also increases the afterburn effect and burns up to 190 extra calories post workout.
24 Minutes

Upper Body Strength

Rev your heart rate with this pure upper body toning workout.
26 Minutes

Yoga & Yoga Hybrid

Yoga makes a huge difference in your postural alignment, muscle flexibility and muscle lengthening.
13 Minutes & 15 Minutes

Total Body Express

Take this workout indoors or out...choose between the 20 or 40 minute HIIT toning workout

Also includes:

  • Calendar that tells you what to do. You have 120 given tasks in one day, I do not expect you to decide how to sequence your workouts.
  • Hybrid Running Calendar for a 10k and half marathon (for post 60 days!)
  • Flex schedule (includes outdoor workouts)
  • 2 week meal plan – meals for the whole family. Also includes Breastfeeding Nutrition.
  • V02 test, know the baseline of your fitness so you can test it at the end.

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