I can heal my abs without surgery. They are about half way back to normal and I am sure they will be back by summer since I will be keeping up my workouts.

I just finished up my 6 week Challenge, whoo hoo!! I just had my 2nd baby back in August and have diastisis recti so thought I would challenge myself to get my six pack abs back.

After 6 long weeks, my challenge is over … I don’t have the washboard abs that I had hoped for, BUT I am not stopping here, I will keep on until they are back to the way they were before I had kids. I can say that my abs have not felt this good since before I had my 1st son. After Grady was born and they separated (almost 4 finger widths … yikes!!) I was devastated and was told only surgery would fix the problem. Since I am terrified of hospitals and needles that just wasn’t an option. Now that I’ve had my 2nd little boy I’m determined to get back the abs I once had. It is possible with exercise and a lot of work! I would say I’m about half way there so by summer I will for sure be bikini ready and won’t have to hide this gut in a one piece!
After doing your exercise programs my core feels strong again!

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