I went to Hawaii on family vacation in the best shape of my life. At that time it was just my husband and me. About 6 weeks after vacation, we discovered we were going to have a little one.

During my pregnancy, I gained 60 pounds. I know, ridiculous. After I had my beautiful daughter, it took forever to get the weight off. It didn’t help that this new little being was sucking every piece of energy out of me so I hardly worked out. But I lost all but 5 pounds of the weight by the time she was 7 months old, but I wasn’t as toned as I used to be. And I felt lumpier in areas than I had previously. I then found out I was pregnant, I miscarried. Some depression set in and I was caught up in very unhealthy eating habits, not eating because of depression or eating way too much for the same reason.

We were pregnant again only to miscarry shortly thereafter. It was a rough year and my weight yo-yo’ed back and forth. I discovered I was pregnant again. After gaining another 50 pounds, my healthy handsome son came into this world  through c-section. Being a little more aggressive and busier this go around, I have lost 49 pounds of what I gained with him by the time he was 5 months old, but I still have some weight I need to lose from my first pregnancy and some toning to do. I’m determined to get it off this time around…ALL of it and look good for swimsuit season.

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