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Just Buns!

This workout is all buns, not your normal lunge or squat routine with a small focus on the buns.  We’re talking ALL BUNS!

Tone your glutes using functional, corrective moves and Pilates-based movements. You will also improve flexibility & rev the heart rate with this workout and you know what that means, BURNING calories! Resistance loop needed (or simply tie some leggings in a knot) and this is pregnancy & diastasis recti approved.

Perform each move for 30 seconds and let’s get sweatin’!


Set Up: Begin in a deep lunge with your front knee bent, back leg straight and the toes of your back foot touching the ground. Bend forward so that your body is in a straight line from your head down to your back foot.

Bring your left arm straight up to your ear and swing your right arm straight back behind you. Keep your core and your buns tight. Switch your arms, keeping them straight as you swing them. Then switch legs so your opposite leg is forward and repeat.


Set Up: Begin in a lunge position, left leg forward and your knee slightly bent. Your back knee should also be slightly bent toward the ground and the toes of your back foot pushing into the ground. Have your arms bent, hands by your ears.

Use your back right leg to push your body forward and upward, extending your right leg straight behind you as you stand. Your arms should also push up and straighten by your ears. Once you are in a T position, bend your left leg and dip down slightly then immediately back up. Rock back to the starting position and repeat the move fifteen more times! Switch legs s that your right leg is in front and do 30 more seconds.


Set Up: Stand on one foot, your stationary knee slightly bent. Lean forward so you are looking straight down at the floor, hands on your hips, abs tight.

While keeping the top half of your body stationary, move your back leg as if you were drawing a rainbow with your toes- tapping your toe on the right side and then arching it up and over and tapping again on the left side. Draw 30 seconds and then switch the leg you are standing on and repeat.


Set Up: Start by standing on the left side of your mat, feet facing forward, arms down by your sides. Bend your right knee to a ninety degree angle.

Extend your right leg straight behind you, leaning forward as you do and stretching our right arm straight out, parallel with the floor. Return to starting position and hop to the right side of your mat, landing on your right leg. Bend your left leg behind you at a ninety degree angle and then extend your left leg straight out, parallel to the floor, as you lean forward. Return to starting position and hop back to the left side of the mat.


Set Up: Begin in a deep lunge, right leg in front, bent, and your left leg extended straight behind you with your toes only on the floor. Your torso should be straight up, hands bend by your ears.

Reach your arms straight out as you lean forward, keeping your abs and buns tight so the lower half of your body does not move. Return to starting position then repeat.


Set Up: Lay on your side on a mat using your left arm to hold your torso up, keeping your hips and legs flat on the floor. Bend your knees slightly and use a resistance band (if desired you can also use a sports bra for resistance:) right above your knees.

Raise your right knee upward, turning it to the ceiling as you raise it. Keep your feet together so that you are opening your legs like a clam. Bring your knee back down but right before it touches your left knee, bring it back up!


Set Up: Lay on your back, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Place a resistance band (if desired) around your legs, right above your knees. Spread your feet so they are on either side of your yoga mat. Push your booty up off the ground so that your body is in a straight line from your knees to your neck.

Push your hips out to the left and then rock them back to the right side. As you move your hips back and forth, keep your abs tight and booty pushed upward.

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