Gina A

I had a very hard time with my weight after having my second baby. I found out I was pregnant just 9 months after having my first baby. They are 18 months apart to the day.
I get very sick when I am preggo. I am super high risk. I am in and out of the hospital from about 8 weeks until delivery. Its bad. I get really weak because I physically can do anything. When I try to nurse, I am put in a special diet and exercise program by my doctors. They are designed to help me get strong and lose weight. Both times I gained weight. With my second son, I gained 30 pounds. It’s awful. This program has helped more in 28 days than anything else has in the last 8 months since having my baby.

I didn’t lose much weight but my muscles have gotten so much stronger. I am feeling better. Thank you for that. My. Before and after pictures are both post workout. So, I have a “lovely glow”. I look like a mess. Thank you for all your help.

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