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Full Body Barre

Barre exercises are a great workout for busy moms! Barre is a combination Pilates, Yoga and traditional ballet moves. Although no dance is required! No ballet barre is required for this at-home workout.

You don’t need a ballet barre, any sturdy chair  or countertop will do! We target smaller muscles groups while using larger muscles groups to stabilize each exercise. This creates a dynamic routine to shape and tone your core, arms and posterior chain (the backside of your body). Find the full workout in our Barre Strong series.

Plie with Cross Body Shoulder Taps

Setup: Sit into a plie squat – hold. With your elbows away from your body, tighten your core, tap one light weight across your body to the opposite shoulder. Switch.

Lumberjack to Triceps Extension

Setup: Sit back into a deep squat. As you stand up bring your arms close to your ears (careful not to shrug your shoulders). Flex and extend your arms to target the triceps.

Dancing Plies

Setup:  Step laterally into a plie squat with toes turned to the corners of the room. Your arms extend to the side. Then bring your heels together so your heels “kiss” while extending one arm laterally overhead to work your obliques.

Boxing Barre

Setup: Sit into a deep plie squat with your elbows bent at your side. Extend one arm with a light weight across your body at shoulder height.

Barre Biceps

Setup: Sit into a mini squat. Both light weights shift to one hand. Flex and extend at your elbow working your biceps.

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