Finding your Sweet Spot


Research shows that proper nutrition is a key component of weight loss. However, when most of us hear the word diet, we immediately think of restrictions, limitations and starvation. So, let’s not talk about dieting — let’s instead talk about making a change in the way we see food. Think fuel, not frustration. For example, when choosing foods to eat, consider how those foods are going to nourish your body and give you the energy you need to tackle your To Do list.

It’s time to find your sweet spot mamas!  No more dieting and starting over again every. single. time.

For most of your meals and snacks, pick whole, nutritious foods that are going to satisfy both your cravings as well as your body’s dietary needs. And, don’t worry, we’re not saying you can’t enjoy eating out and we’re definitely not saying you can’t have ice cream (and enjoy it, too!) with your kids on a hot summer day. So, no more drastic diets or extreme this or that – small tweaks to your current habits will lead you to a more fulfilling (and filling) relationship with food.

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Sugar –
Strive to stay away from added sugars, as they tend to sneak into so many of the foods we like to eat. And, keep things the way nature intended – simple and natural. For example, when you’re craving something sweet, reach for fruit, hot blueberry tea or one of the tried and true recipes from our Recipe Box. To enhance the natural sweetness of our recipes, we’ve added maple syrup, honey, coconut shreds, applesauce, and more. Keep in mind that naturally occurring sugars (which are found in everything from dairy to fruit) are completely okay! You don’t have to eliminate, but do minimize, candies, cookies, white breads, and other snacks and goodies with a high sugar content. A good rule of thumb to follow is if it’s naturally sweet, it is okay.

Eating Out –
Yes, you can go out to eat (it means no dishes!), and you will definitely find me out and about eating Mexican food and veggie or cheese pizza! But, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you should be aware of portion sizes, as restaurant meals tend to be much larger than normal servings. Don’t be afraid to bring home your leftovers and enjoy them for another lunch or dinner. Secondly, do you your best to stay away from foods you don’t normally eat, as you may find that your body has a harder time digesting foods that are unfamiliar. And, finally, if you are undecided about what to order, be sure to add as much color to your plate as possible. When we eat out, we tend to forget all about the produce. Adding color to your dish is a great way to integrate fruits and veggies while getting your body the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that it needs.

Processed Foods –
Fill your pantry with whole foods – foods that haven’t been processed, or are minimally processed and/or altered. Before you eat your food of choice, think about how it is made and strive to reach for foods that are wholesome or closest to their natural state. You will find whole foods even more filling and satisfying, as they contain more vitamins and minerals than those foods that have been processed. An easy way to determine a food’s wholesomeness is by looking at the label – if the food doesn’t have a label that’s usually a win (i.e. fruit). But, if the label lists wheat flour, white flour, added sugar (which comes in many different forms), preservatives or words you cannot pronounce, it is best to pass on it in favor of something with fewer ingredients and more nutrients.

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