I’m a mom to a 6-year old daughter and 2-year old son.  I used to be in pretty good shape.  I ran cross country and track in high school and continued running through my mid-20s.  After having kids, fitness definitely went by the wayside. I haven’t ever been able to stick with a workout routine.  Our family recently moved across the country for my husband to go back to school.  I went from working full-time to staying home with my kids full time to help everyone transition to our new home and town.  It has definitely been a tough adjustment, and I have struggled to find a new routine and support system.

Your 30 Day Core challenge was exactly what I needed to jump-start my fitness goals and get my routine back on track.  Even though it was sometimes hard to fit the workouts in, I always felt so much better after working out.  I always wanted to be able to ‘check in’ using Instagram and keep up with everyone else.  I felt like the other moms were keeping me accountable, and I didn’t want to fall behind.  Even though I don’t know any of them personally, I felt like I got to know them through their posts and pictures.   In the end (and I’ve heard Lindsay say this on numerous occasions!), it’s not about the number on the scale; it’s about feeling good about yourself and being a better mom.  I feel like sticking with a workout routine is a great example to set for my kids, and I hope they enjoy being active and fit like I do!

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