Summer Shape Up Checklist


We had so much fun filming the new Summer Shape Up Series.  I designed it so you can cruise into summer more confident and energized!

Don’t miss out on…

  • 8 brand new workouts
  • 6 week full-laid our calendar telling you what to do each day
  • healthy & delicious recipes your whole family will love!

If you’re struggling to make your health a priority or tired of starting over again and again…

Can I just say, I totally understand you!

As a busy mom of 3, I need a workout plan WITHOUT spending hours in the gym, WITHOUT cutting carbs for a week then dairy the next. It’s time to find that sweet spot!

What do I mean by sweet spot? Well my friend Jen defined her 2018 New Years resolution as finding her sweet spot. Where she is happy with her nutrition and fitness. Where she is happy with her body. Where she doesn’t stress about dieting. Where she enjoys eating!

This sweet spot doesn’t come from drastic diets and it doesn’t come from extreme training. It comes from tweaking this and filling up on that. Up until about 8 years ago I was a yo-yo dieter. I’d go through periods of extreme dieting and periods of giving into every craving.

I wanted to be a good role model for my kids. So I started with dinner, I revamped dinner time at my house. And a few weeks later I tweaked breakfast time. I found time to exercise. Sometimes, even All. By. Myself [which happened as the kids got older –it’s hard with babies I know!]

This time, you can do it! We will be finding our sweet spot mamas! Summer Shape Up has 8 new workouts, a fully-laid out calendar, recipe box and a template to revamping your “diet”.

Research shows that proper nutrition is a key component of weight loss. However, when most of us hear the word diet, we immediately think of restrictions, limitations and starvation. So, let’s not talk about dieting — let’s instead talk about making a change in the way we see food. Think fuel, not frustration.

Download your Summer Shape Up Checklist for delicious recipes, a template to revamping your nutrition and your Summer Shape Up schedule!

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