Nourish Your Body

Here at Moms Into Fitness, we seek balance. Learn about our philosophy on nutrition with my 3-minute video rantIf you’re like me, I get overwhelmed by all the “buzz words” I see online and in the news on things that could harm me or my family. It’s tough to keep track and take any action cause most of the time, I just want to turn my back and forget I even heard it. But, as mom’s, we want to do what’s best for our family and for ourselves – we want to live a long, happy, healthy life without cutting out all the “fun”.

That’s where our Registered Dietitian steps in. She is here to give you sound nutritional advice, not the latest fad or the latest it worked for a friend anecdotal research. She will help you find that sweet spot based on her degree and 15 years working with moms! Enter your email and download NOURISH today.

As a busy mom, you need a nutrition plan without cutting carbs for a week then dairy the next. It’s time to find that sweet spot! What do I mean by sweet spot? Where life is balanced, no more yo-yo weight loss, a happy, sweet spot. This doesn’t come from drastic diets and it doesn’t come from extreme training. It comes from tweaking this and filling up on that. Enter your email and download NOURISH today.

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