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Empower pregnant and new moms to feel their best

This course will provide you with the invaluable, up-to-date information you need to design the most successful pre- and postnatal exercise program for your clients. It will equip you with strategies for answering her questions about her body during and after pregnancy, for inventing a fitness regimen that respects her needs and optimizes her strengths, and for cheering her on through challenging moments.

Throughout the entire course, we include research and resources from the most authoritative voices in the industry so that you know where to turn when you have questions in the future.

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Chat 1 on 1 with Lindsay inside the course.

Free Resources

Marketing tools and postcards, client handouts & illustrations.

Core Intensive

An in-depth look at the core; pairing fitness with physical therapy research and practices.

Pre & Postnatal Nutrition

Our Registered Dietitian helps you gain a solid understanding in nutrition. Creating changes beyond calories and percentages.

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You will have lifetime access to the online course. This includes all updates and additions that are made in the future!

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The Pro Series consists of 45 minute pre-choreographed workouts. No franchise or licensing fees. Pro Series I included.

Lindsay’s prenatal and postnatal exercise course was thorough and a great foundation to build individualized exercise programs for clients and patients. I greatly appreciate her knowledge of safe techniques for my patients during and after their pregnancies. Even my male patients have benefited from some of the core stabilization exercises she covers. I really enjoyed expanding my exercise “toolbox” for my patients with this great course!

Megan H., D.P.T and mom of 2

I used Lindsay’s workouts through all five of my pregnancies. And being in better shape now, than I ever was as an athlete in high school, I knew I wanted to help others like Lindsay helped me. I was a Stay at Home Mom with visions of “some day” doing something for myself. I always thought that “some day” would be after my youngest went to Kindergarten. Instead I enrolled in the course, planning to take it at my own pace. And within a weekend I had completed the course. I am planning on starting my own business and I found the Instructor Tools helpful in getting me started. Lindsay offers a play-by-play of her business and how she started. I feel confident and am really excited to get started!

Jen W., Stay at Home Mom of 5 kids, eager to start a business of my own and have something for me
Learn Everything You Need to Know to Succeed as a Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Specialist
Part 1 - Prenatal Fitness

Gain the ability to properly address common prenatal concerns, such as: Exercising during infertility, pre-conception and early pregnancy, proper exercise intensity during pregnancy, how a baby in the womb reacts to exercise, and the potential risks of exercising during pregnancy. Also to attend to misconceptions regarding the relationship between exercise, and infertility and miscarriage.

  • Musculoskeletal, heart rate and metabolic responses
  • Guidelines on how to train clients of all fitness levels – from sedentary to competitive athletes.
  • Transverse abdominis & pelvic floor exercises
  • Modifications for back pain, pelvic pain, SPD, urinary incontinence, round ligament pain, carpal tunnel, diastasis recti, and other common pregnancy conditions.
Part 2 - Postnatal Fitness

Increase your knowledge of the physiological changes that postnatal clients will experience immediately following birth and up through the first 12 months postpartum. Information regarding metabolic and hormone changes will enable help you develop proper exercise programs for postnatal clients with special considerations for both C-section and vaginal recoveries, breastfeeding and exercise, the benefits of exercise for the new mother and exercise recommendations for how and when to resume training postpartum.

  • Corrective exercises and techniques for Diastasis Recti, pelvic dysfunction, incontinence, ligament and joint pain and other postnatal conditions.
  • Weeks 0 – 8 Foundation Exercises
  • Weeks 8 - 12 Isolation Exercises
  • Weeks 13 – 16 Compound Exercises
  • Weeks 17+ Resuming "traditional" Exercises
Part 3 - Anatomy

The Anatomy section contains 12-pages of detailed explanations and illustrations of the entirety of upper body, lower body and core muscles affected by pregnancy and the postpartum period. In this section, fitness professionals will get a refresher on biomechanics, such as joint and muscle actions, as well as anatomical planes. Additionally, detailed diagrams containing information on the principal muscles activated during specific exercises such as bridges, lunges and planks are presented.

  • 12 high definition anatomical illustrations
  • Core muscles affected by pregnancy
  • Overview of joint and muscle actions
Part 4 - Exercise Toolbox

The Exercise Toolbox includes over 250 exercise images, worksheets, and handouts detailing prenatal and postnatal exercises appropriate for clients of all fitness levels. Learn prenatal single and compound muscle exercises and proper prenatal stretches used to alleviate aches and pains. Additionally, postnatal single and multi-plane exercises designed to accommodate each phase of postpartum recovery will be highlighted. Information on corrective postnatal stretches, a Prenatal Workout Format, and a Three Phase Postnatal Workout Format will assist fitness professionals in designing exercise programs for their clients that are suitable from the prenatal through postnatal phases.

Part 5 - Case Study

The Case Studies section presents information and suggested practices on how to address the benefits, risks, and needs for special circumstances, such as a pregnant runner, a client who likes High Intensity Interval Training and/or Cross-Fit, and a client who has had Diastasis Recti in consecutive pregnancies. In this section, the fitness professional will get the opportunity to put the research and knowledge gained in the first two sections of the course into practice.

Exam Details
To enroll in the Certified Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Specialist Certification, you must:
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a solid understanding of the English language.
You need a minimum final exam grade of 80% to pass.

There are 3 quizzes covering prenatal fitness, postnatal fitness and anatomy. These quizzes are multiple choice and you have 3 tries to pass by 80%. Upon completion of the quizzes and a case study you will be a Prenatal & Postnatal Fitness Specialist. This course is approved by ACE, AFAA, NASM, CanFitPro and AFPA.

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate with your credentials and continuing education credits. This certificate is valid indefinitely, although we encourage you to visit the Continuing Education section often. This section is continuously updated with topics like diastasis recti and pelvic floor incontinence.

About Me

I have worked with research professionals, physical therapists and University Research diligently for 12 years. I want to dedicate all my resources and know how to YOU! Complete with Videos, Exercise Program Design, Anatomy, Worksheets, Case Studies and the Biomechanics of the body…all catered for the prenatal and postnatal mom. Since the conception of Moms Into Fitness, I have filmed hundreds of workouts for women who want to do everything they can to ensure the best start for their babies, and who want to feel stronger and more confident themselves. I want you to take that same knowledge and share your passion!

Dr. Sarah Hopkins, is one of the primary authors of the 2015(reaffirmed 2017, 2019) Committee Opinion from ACOG American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. She is also a contributing author to this course. Dr. Hopkins’ knowledge and guidance will offer you a depth of understanding and a caliber of instruction otherwise unavailable.

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