I just wanted to say thank you for your positive attitude and encouragement throughout your videos. You are realistic and encouraging and you always make me feel like I can accomplish my goals. I love how you understand what being a mom is all about and it is a blessing to be able to participate in a fitness program whose leader has their priorities and heart in the right place!

I am a missionary serving Jesus in Ukraine with my precious family! A friend of mine who is a missionary in Peru connected a group of girls over Facebook who literally live all over the world and we started our own 30 Day Postnatal Slim Down. We have had a blast and today is our last day! I have loved every minute and am so thankful for the program. I feel much stronger and healthier and I actually look forward to doing the workout every day. After consistent exercise and eating healthy (most of the time). I’ve lost 49 pounds and lots of inches in seven months and this month, my abs are reappearing, thanks to you! Thank you for all you do, you are a rockstar!

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