On my last day as a prego mama, I weighed 173lbs!! (I’m 5’4″ and my frame is petite) I was making sure that little girl was fed and healthy in there! Two weeks after she was born, I had lost 17lbs…Izzy was 8lbs6oz and the rest of the weight was water retention and other stuff (I could get into it but guys, I’m a Chiropractor and I can great really nerdy!!). So yeah, I was 156lbs and it wasn’t really moving from there. So it was time for me to start moving!!

So fast forward 2.5 years later and I’m actually smaller than before I was pregnant with Izzy and now I have muscles….guys, I have biceps and they are defined!! I mean, I feel so much stronger and fit then I have ever been in my entire life! I’ve always run and done a bunch of cardio, but never really incorporated any weights, ever! And I think that was what I was missing from my workout! It’s really helped with keeping my energy up and keeping me going with my super energetic  toddler!

So like I said, I love to run and be outdoors but it’s hard to do that when your toddler wants to jump out of the stroller and is screaming the entire time “mommy!! park!! That way!! THAT WAYYYY!!” Also, I live in Houston, so the only time I can head outside is during the “winter time” or super early in the mornings…ok, not doing that!

Also, I love going to the gym! Give me a Zumba class any day!!! But again, I was a new mom and wasn’t going to put Izzy in the daycare (ok, sorry but I was so paranoid about her getting sick or getting hurt…new mom issues!) So I had to find something that I could do at home because yeah, I’m a SAHM (stay at-home mom).

I came across MomsIntoFitness when I was pregnant with Izzy but really used it after having Izzy! The creator and founder of MomsIntoFitness, Lindsay Brin,  is a mom of 3 kids and defiantly understands that you may not have more then 40 minutes to get a workout in! And guys, she’s awesome! She’s compiled so many awesome workouts that target either the upper or lower body or the entire body in less then 40 minutes!! Yes, everyone can find some time for these quick workouts! She has organized her workouts from post-partum all the way to extreme lean (for the mamas that keep with it for 6+ months of hard work!) and they are simple to follow!

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