I gained 75 pounds during my first pregnancy and then had an unexpected c-section. Afterwards, I did a lot of research and your programs were what I felt most comfortable with as a way to restart my fitness journey. I lost about 60 pounds before getting pregnant with my second child.

The “before” picture is a few months after my second c-section in 2012. I didn’t gain quite as much weight, but I did discover my diastasis recti and wanted to be careful with my exercise choices.  I again returned to your postnatal programs almost immediately. The “after” picture is today. It has been an awesome journey and I attribute you and your programs as the stepping stones to getting there. You continue to be my number one recommendation to new moms as a way to regain their body-confidence and feel comfortable working out.  I so appreciate your demeanor and approach as well as safety consciousness for new moms, no matter their journeys and goals. 

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