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10 Move Express Cardio Legs

Our legs need some love!  We’re on them all day, so a strong set of legs ensures our day stays on track. So join me for this awesome circuit that will not only energize you but will nourish our lower-half!

You will lift, kick, and tone your way through this high-cardio, lower body workout. At the end, lengthen your muscles with 3 leg/glutes stretches.  Length is gained when muscles are warm!

Let’s move together and feel good about ourselves!


Set Up: Begin standing straight with your feet facing forward, arms bend by your sides.

Raise your right knee so that your leg is at a ninety degree angles. Lean forward and swing your bent right knee back behind you as you bring your right arm forward as well. Return to your starting position and then take a big step back with your right leg, bending your knee toward the ground in a backwards lunge. Push off your back foot and return to your starting position. That is one rep!

Repeat 15 times then switch legs and do 15 more reps!


Set Up: Start standing straight, feet facing forward and slightly apart. Hold a small dumbbell in your hands at chest height.

 Bend your knees into a deep squat and lean forward slightly. Stand up, pushing the dumbbell up over your head as you stand and raise your right knee. Lower your foot and dip into a squat again, bringing the dumbbell back down as well. Stand again, push the dumbbell upward and raise your left knee.

Do 15 reps.


Set Up: Stand up straight with your feet together, facing forward. Hold a small dumbbell in your hands a chest height.

Take a big step back and to the right with your right leg. Your body should twist slightly to the right but your left leg should remain facing forward. When your right leg touches the ground, bend your right knee and lower your chest toward your knee. Stand up and use your right leg to push you up, back into starting position.

Repeat side lunges, switch sides.  Do 15 reps, each side counts as 1!


Set Up: Begin standing with your right foot facing forward, left knee bent with your foot behind you at a ninety degree angle. Hold a small dumbbell in your left hand and have your right arm extended straight out to the side.

Lean forward, bringing the dumbbell toward the ground and lowering your stomach until it is parallel with the floor. Raise your bent left leg as you lean forward. Stand up and return to your starting position.

Repeat 15 times then switch legs and do 15 more reps.


Set Up: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, feet facing forward. Hold a small dumbbell between your hands at your chest.

Take a big step backward with your left leg, reaching it as far to your right as you can. Lower your back knee toward the ground as if you were doing a curtsey. Use your back leg to push yourself back to standing and kick your left leg straight out to the side as you stand. Step to the left and then take a step back with your right leg, repeating the movement on the opposite side.

Do 15 reps.


Set Up: Stand with your feet together, facing forward. Have your arms by your sides as if you are ready to run!

Lean forward and extend your right arm down to touch the ground. Kick your right arm out behind you as you bend. Return to your starting position and then kick your left leg out in front of you.

Repeat this action 15 times then switch to kicking your left leg back and your right leg forward and do 15 more reps.


Set Up: Stand facing forward, feet together and hold a dumbbell in between your hands at shoulder height.

Turn your body toward the left, taking a step back and to the left as you turn. Lean forward as you bend your knees and do a deep squat, pushing your booty out behind you and bending as low as you can. Stand up, turning back to your starting position then turn to your right and take a step back with your right foot. Do a squat facing right and then return to center standing again.

Do 15 reps then take a break!


Set Up: Stand with your feet facing forward, body straight.

Bend your right foot back and up to your booty and grab it with your right hand to stretch your muscles. Put your foot back down and repeat with your left foot. Then bring your right knee upward, toward your chest and use both hands to pull it up, like giving your knee a big hug. Put your foot back down and then repeat with your left knee. Do these for 30 seconds.


Set up: Sit on the floor with your legs crossed (criss cross applesauce!). Keep your back straight.

Lean forward and place your hands on the floor, spread wide, so that they are about three feet apart. Extend your left leg straight behind you, keeping your right leg bent. Hold this pose as you take fifteen deep breathes. Return to starting position and repeat with your right leg stretched behind you.


Set Up: Begin by sitting on the floor, legs straight out in front of you, feet pointed to the ceiling.

Bend your right leg so that your right foot is sitting right above your left knee. Your right knee should be turned outward. Place your right hand on your right knee and reach your left hand down to your left ankle. Hold this stretch for 20 seconds then repeat with the opposite leg bent.

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