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Buns & Legs Workout for Pregnancy

While your body is incredibly smart — it makes all the pregnancy adaptations without you even asking it — you should modify your workouts for pregnancy. Before you begin, read our pregnancy exercise guidelines or download our free Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Guide.

Try this 10 minute Buns & Legs workout for pregnancy!  All of our pregnancy workouts can be found here.

As with any workout routine, a proper warmup and a cool down are essential. The warmup serves to get the blood flowing, to slowly raise your heart rate and to prime the body for exercise. The cool down helps to gradually bring your heart rate back to its normal level while giving you the opportunity to elongate those muscles that were worked and strengthened.

Squat Pelvic Tilt

Setup: Begin standing with your feet facing forward, shoulder width apart. Bend your knees slightly but keep your upper body vertical, stomach muscles tight.

Bend your knees slightly and push your booty backward, rocking your hips back and standing up slightly. Bend your knees again and tuck your booty back under, pushing your pelvis forward as you straighten your knees a little. Bounce back and forth between pushing your booty out then bringing it back in.

Do 15 – 20 reps.

Curtsy to Curl

Setup: Stand with your feet facing forward, shoulder width apart, holding a small towel between your hands above your head.

Take a big step backward with your right leg, stepping toward the left side. Bend your right knee so that it almost touches the ground. As you step back, pull the towel with your left arm, bending your torso slightly to the left. Push off your back leg (right) and bring your knee upward, keeping your leg out to the right and bending your knee at a ninety degree angle. As you raise your knee, bring your right elbow down to touch your knee. Then, step backward again, repeating the exercise. Modify by eliminating the knee curl.

Do 15 reps of this exercise then take a quick rest before repeating on the other side!

Plie Isolation

Setup: Begin by standing in a wide straddle position, feet pointing outward. Bend your knees into a deep squat.

Raise your right hip, standing slightly as you push your hip out to the side. Then rock to the other side, pushing your left hip upward. Rock back and forth with one right and one left counting as one rep.

Do 15 reps to strengthen your hip, glute, and leg muscles.

Squat Heel Pops

Setup: Begin with your feet facing forward, shoulder width apart. Bend your knees and lower your booty as if you are sitting in a chair. Bend your body forward slightly, hands on your hips, head facing forward

Raise your left heel and lean slightly to the right. Put your left heel back on the ground then raise your right heel so only your toes are pushing into the floor as you lean to the left. One left and one right makes one rep.

Do 15 reps, then take a break!

Tabletop or Quadruped

Setup: Support your body with your feet facing forward and your hands behind you in a table position. Make your stomach as flat as a table by pushing your booty up, tightening your abs and keeping your arms straight and locked.

Lower your booty toward the floor but don’t let it touch! Raise your booty back up and return to your starting position. As you raise and lower your “table,” keep your arms straight. To modify, and still work your back and glutes, follow the quadruped position.

Do 15 reps of this exercise. If in quadruped, repeat on the other side.

Download the Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise Guide

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