Pretty Fierce Mamas

Lindsay has inspired a group of women who have been fans of her Moms Into Fitness workout DVDs in particular the Pretty Fierce 60 Day workout series. Nearly 2 years ago a group of women from all across the United States and Canada of various ages and backgrounds came together with due to the common interests of being fit moms and big fans of Lindsay Brin.

All of us have completed Pretty Fierce Lean Out and Pretty Fierce Weight Loss programs so we call ourselves “Pretty Fierce Graduates”.

Over the course of the last 2 years we have become so much more; we have become friends and confidants, daily motivators of active living, big encouragers of reaching outside our comfort zones to try achieve new levels of fitness and so much more. If it were not for Lindsay Brin we never would have come together in our love of fitness and family, and for that we are truly grateful for all that Lindsay has done for us in both our fitness and in our friendships. Here are just a few of the success stories from the Pretty Fierce Graduates, which now boasts over 100 fierce and amazing women all thanks to the wonderful Lindsay Brin.

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