Anita T.

As you’ll see below, I was so tired and unwell I didn’t even want my whole face in a photo:(  Now I just had the best experience ever buying a swimsuit!!

I am not the type to write in to someone in general, but I do want to say thank you to you Lindsay Brin and everyone you work with for bringing your workouts into my life. I suffered from PPD (Post Partum Depression) after the birth of my second son, and I had injuries throughout his pregnancy as well as extreme weight gain. I had always been active before having kids (Yoga Teacher), but my routine of self care disintegrated and it affected my whole outlook.

Your Post Partum Workouts got me back on track, improved my mental state and helped me get back into my old clothes! (which let me tell you, was no small feat) All of which was done without pain or ache, and allowing my injuries to heal. Your permission to ease back in to fitness safely, while challenging and motivating, hooked me. The post-partum body needs post-partum fitness to recover and retrain.

My boys can see now that “mama” is fast and strong and can keep up with them even as I near 40.
I am indebted, and really so grateful. I’ve turned a few friends onto your workouts and wish you all the best. Keep ’em coming!

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