Amy S

I have delivered 5 children in 6 years. I didn’t realize I had a DR after my first baby. It wasn’t until after my 3rd that I became educated on it. By that point, I thought it was over… I decided to do all of your accommodations at that point. I worked out the most with your DVDs during my last pregnancy. It was by far the best pregnancy I had. And it was the easiest recovery I had. I immediately did the Postnatal Slimdown too. I went to my pelvic floor therapist today and she was floored. She couldn’t believe my abs were as strong as they were. She told me my abs were stronger than normal people’s abs that haven’t had a baby. I had a DR for 7 years! And your exercises totally strengthened those babies.

I was depressed about my abs for years. I thought I had sacrificed myself to have kids. While I may not be 100% of the body I used to be (hello breastfeeding!), I feel amazing now. I can’t believe I have my abs back. And they are stronger than they were before I had kids. So thank you so much. I love your workouts.

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