Just wanted to share a little NSV that might be an encouragement to someone today. I’m in my late 30s and have been having my cholesterol checked every year just to keep an eye on it and because my family history in that arena isn’t spectacular. Anyway, last year, it wasn’t technically high but it was much too close for my comfort. Lately though, I’ve really been trying to focus more on what I’d call mindful eating: trying to eat more fiber, fruits and veggies, not overdoing it in the evenings when I tend to want a snack, and having reasonable portions at meals, aka feeling satisfied but not over full. I’ve also been pushing myself past my active calorie goal most days. Well, I got this years results this morning and it was 20 points lower than last year. So if you’re feeling discouraged today, just remember that the number on the scale isn’t the be all and end all and even small, reasonable changes done one at a time, can impact your overall health.

— Amber


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