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Dance, Kick & Cardio Core Routine

Let’s torch calories as we sculpt your core with dance and kick cardio core – a fun, all-time fave of mine!  This workout incorporates dance moves with lower impact exercises to keep you on your toes while burning tons of calories and sculpting your abs.  As busy moms, we need workouts that do more in less time.  Well, this is it!

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Set Up: Begin standing with your feet together and facing forward, bending your keens slightly. Bend your arms completely and turn your palms so they are facing forward, hands open wide!

Hop slightly to your left, twisting your body slightly and pushing your booty out to the left. As you jump into position, wave your hands to the left as well. Jump back to starting position then repeat one more time. Next, jump straight up, hoping your feet out to the sides slightly into a small straddle. As you jump, raise your arms straight up. Jump your feet back together and bring your arms back down. Repeat this motion one more time. One rep consists of two twists and two straight up straddle jumps.

Do 15 reps and then repeat, twisting to the right instead.


Set Up: Begin in a push up position, shoulders directly over your hands and your whole body tight and in a straight line from head to toe.

Bring your left hand up to touch your side as you twist your body so that your stomach points to the left. As you twist, bend your right knee down and let it touch the floor. As you twist to your left, all your weight should be on your right arm and left leg. Your abs should be tight and your whole body should remain in a straight line throughout the exercise. Return to starting pushup position.

Do 15 reps, then repeat, twisting to your right this time.


Set Up: Begin by standing up straight, with your feet together, facing forward, hands on your hips.

Bend your left knee slightly and raise your left foot off the floor. Slowly raise your left hip, pushing it up as high as you can. Keep your upper body tight, engaging your abs and feeling those muscles pulling your hip upward. Lower your hip back down then repeat, never letting your left foot touch the ground!

Do 15 reps then repeat with your right foot.


Set Up: Begin by standing straight, feet together and facing forward, arms bent slightly so your hands are by your sides.

Take a big step back with your right foot, bending your front, right knee and leaning forward slightly. Bring your left foot back to the starting position as you stand up straight and then kick your right leg straight forward, as high as you can, returning afterward to the starting position.

Repeat the back lunge and kick rep 15 times then switch sides so that you are stepping back with your left leg and kicking forward with your right.


Set Up: Sit on a mat with your legs together, knees bent slightly and your heels on the ground. Lean back so that your torso is at a forty five degree angle with the floor. Bend your arms to a ninety degree angle, elbows by your sides.

Twist to your left, lowering your left elbow toward the ground and raising your right arm (move your arms as if you were running). Keep your lower body still, using just your abs to twist and hold your torso in the leaning back position. Then, twist all the way to the right side, lowering your right elbow to the ground and raising your right arm.

Do 15 reps (one right twist and one left twist counts as one rep)!


Set Up: Start by standing in a wide straddle position, feet about three feet apart, facing forward. Lean forward so that you’re almost parallel with the ground, keeping your back straight.

From the starting position, jump to your left foot, bending your left knee slightly then balance on your left leg and extend your right leg straight out behind you as you reach forward, straightening your right arm. Then jump to your right foot and balance on your right leg as you extend your left leg straight out behind you, reaching forward with your left arm.

Do 15 reps.


Set Up: Being in a push up position, arms straight, hands under your shoulders.

Keeping your body in a straight line (don’t raise or lower that booty or arch your back!), bend your left knee toward the floor. Pretend to use your knee to draw small circles on the floor in a clockwise direction. Keep your abs tight and the rest of your body motionless as you ‘draw’!

Draw 15 circles then switch legs and do 15 more reps.


Set Up: Begin by standing in a wide straddle, feet facing forward about three feet apart. Put your arms up straight in a big Y.

Jump to your right foot, bringing your left foot behind you to the right side and tap it on the ground. As you jump, lower your arms toward your right leg. From there, jump to your left foot, bringing your right leg behind you. As you switch legs, bring your arms up to the Y position and then back down toward the leg you are balancing on.

Jump back and forth 15 times (one rep is one jump on each leg).

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